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Toys and Me Quiz: How Much Do You Know About The YouTuber?

Test your Toys And Me knowledge with this awesome quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  July 1st 2021

Good luck!

1/20 Tiana holding a toy
ToysAndMe | YouTube

What is the host's name?

2/20 Tiana with a toy
ToysAndMe | YouTube

Who helps her run her YouTube channel?

3/20 Tiana with her brother
ToysAndMe | YouTube

What's the name of her brother who occasionally appears in her videos?

4/20 Tiana and her family
ToysAndMe | YouTube

Her family also have their very own YouTube channel. What's it called?

5/20 Tiana Wilson
ToysAndMe | YouTube

On what day was Tiana born?

6/20 A toy
ToysAndMe | YouTube

What star sign does that make her?

7/20 Tiana sitting

In which English city was she born?

8/20 Tiana smiling at the camera
ToysAndMe | YouTube

How many YouTube subscribers does the channel have?

9/20 Tiana Wilson

Which other YouTuber is she friends with?

10/20 Tiana with a cake
ToysAndMe | YouTube

In 2016, what toy did Tiana help launch in London?

11/20 The YouTuber smiling

In her first ever YouTube video, Tiana wasn't very well. What was wrong?

12/20 Toys and Me's Tiana on a pink background
ToysAndMe | YouTube

What did she do in the video?

13/20 Tiana Wilson with her hands to her face

How does she describe the video now?

14/20 Tiana from Toys and Me with cash

In a video from April 2018, Tiana spends £200 in a 10-minute toy shop dash. What's the first thing that goes in her basket?

15/20 Tiana with a giant orange
ToysAndMe | YouTube

True or false. Tiana has another YouTube channel.

16/20 Tiana from Toys and Me smiles
ToysAndMe | YouTube

What's her favourite colour?

17/20 Tiana with jelly hands
ToysAndMe | YouTube

How old was Tiana when she made her first YouTube video?

18/20 Tiana with Orbeez

Tiana's most popular video was the third round of her ORBEEZ toy challenge. How many views has it had?

19/20 Tiana on a trampoline
ToysAndMe | YouTube

What hashtag do her fans use to describe themselves?

20/20 Tiana Wilson and a friend
ToysAndMe | YouTube

What happens to some of the toys she receives?

Tiana on an orange background

Oh dear! Why not have another go and see if you can get a better score?

Tiana on a green background

Good effort, but why not have another go and see if you can get a better score?

Tiana of Toys and Me on an orange background

Great work! You seem to know your stuff about ToysAndMe!

Tiana looking over her shoulder

Amazing! That's a perfect score! Are you Tiana in disguise?