Quiz: Spot The Celebrity Lookalike!

Can you use your skill and cunning to guess who these celebrity lookalikes are?

Can you spot a lookalike from the real thing? Find out now!

Image by ITV

Who's this supposed to be?

Image by annafaith | Instagram

This lady looks familiar...

Image by francesca_brown | Instagram

This person looks really like a certain pop star. Can you tell who it is?

Image by sur__b | Instagram

This lady must be mistaken for which pop star?

Image by Andy Monk | Facebook

When it comes to lookalikes, it's a yes from us. Who does this person resemble?

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How are you feeling TODAY?  Which ONE emoji would you choose to describe that?

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Image by kamiosman | Instagram

We can't tell if this is a lookalike or the actual celebrity!

Image by jackyvasquez | Instagram

We're certain that this isn't a pop star. Can you name the singer she looks like?

Image by anupliy | Instagram

Is he a wizard? Or just a lookalike?

Image by knowyourmeme

Who does this good boy remind you of?

Image by April Gloria | Instagram

Can you name this celeb lookalike?

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