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60 Best Rabbit Jokes That Will Make You Hoppy!

Check out these hilarious rabbit jokes - they're very bunny!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  February 27th 2023

These hare-larious rabbit jokes will leave you tickled and that's not just because of their cute ears and teeth! 

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1. What did the rabbit use to propose to his girlfriend?
A 24-carrot ring!

2. Where do rabbits go when they aren't feeling well?
The hops-spital!

3. What do you call a really clever rabbit?
A hare brain!

4. Where did the rabbit go for a trim?
The hare dressers!

5. How did the rabbit keep fit?
By going to hare-obics classes

6. Why did the rabbit become a stand up comic?
Because they were totally bunny!

7. Why are rabbits so lucky?
They've got four rabbit's feet!

8. What looks like half a rabbit?
The other half!

9. Where do rabbits learn how to fly a plane? 
The Royal Hare Force!

10. What do you call a rabbit dressed in green holding a bow and arrow?
Rabbit Hood!

11. What does a rabbit do in the rain?
Get drenched!

12. Why couldn’t the duck work for the Easter Bunny?
He quacked his eggs!

13. What would you get if you crossed a rabbit with a famous French general?
Napoleon Bunnyparte!

14. What did the rabbit say to the piece of wood?
It was nice gnawing you!

15. Why did the rabbit not bother eating their carrot?
No bunny knows!

16. What does every rabbit fairytale story end with?
"And they lived hoppily ever after..."

17. How does a rabbit keep looking neat and tidy?
With hare spray!

18. What do rabbits do after they're married?
Go on their bunnymoon!

19. What do you call a rabbit in a kilt? 

20. Why are rabbits similar to a coin?
Because it has a head on one end and a tail on the other!

21. Why is a broken tap like a scared rabbit?
Because it runs very quickly and doesn't look like it'll stop!

22. What do you get if you cross a rabbit and an insect?
Bug Bunny!

23. What's a rabbit's favourite mode of transport?

24. Why didn't the rabbit eat lunch?
It didn't carrot all!

25. Why did the fox chase the rabbit?
It fancied some fast food!

26. What's green and goes 'rabbit! rabbit!'
A very confused frog!

27. Why do rabbits have long ears?
To cover their lack of hares!

28. What's a rabbit's favourite novel?
Warren Peace!

29. What happens when you turn up the heating in a rabbit hole?
You get hot cross bunnies!

30. What's a rabbit's favourite sweet treat?
Millionhares shortbread!

31. What did the rabbit do when he needed to get a snack?
He put the video on paws!

32. What's a rabbit's favourite game?

33. Why did the bald man put rabbits on his head?
Because from a distance, they looked like hares!

34. What does a rabbit groom itself with?
A hare brush!

35. Did you hear about the guy who stole a rabbit?
He had to make a run for it!

36. Where do rabbits go after they get married?
On their bunny moon!

37. How can you tell if a rabbit is old?
Look for the grey hares!

38. What do you get if you cross a beetle and a rabbit?
Bugs Bunny!

39. Why was the bunny so annoying?
He kept rabbiting on!

40. What sort of jewellery do rabbits like?
24 carrot gold!

41. Did you hear the story about the rabbit's childhood?
It's a hare-raising tale!

42. What do you call a queue of rabbits going backwards?
A receding hare line!

43. What do rabbits use after the shower?
A hare dryer!

44. What's the difference between a rabbit at the gym and a rabbit with a carrot on his head?
One's a fit bunny, the other's a bit funny!

45. How do you know if carrots are good for your eyesight?
Have you ever seen a rabbit wearing glasses?!

46. What do you call an angry rabbit?
Hopping mad!

47. What do you get when you cross a rabbit and a goat?
A hare in your milk!

48. What did the avocado say before the rabbit disappeared?

49. What do you get when you cross a frog with a rabbit?
A bunny ribbit!

50. What did the rabbit say to the carrot?
It's been nice gnawing you!

51. What animals are scared of vacuum cleaners?
Dust bunnies!

52. What does The White Rabbit eat at Easter?

53. How can The White Rabbit afford a waistcoat?
He's a million-hare!

54. What’s a rabbit’s favourite type of music?

55. Where do rabbits get their eyes checked?

56. What’s invisible and smells of carrots?
Rabbit farts!

57. How do rabbits send letters abroad?
By hare-mail!

58. How do rabbits comb their hair?
With a harebrush!

59. What kind of rabbit can't jump?
A chocolate one!

60. Why was the rabbit sad?
It was having a bad hare day!