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36 Robot Jokes To Reboot Your Sense of Humour

Need to recharge those laughing batteries? Have a megabyte into Beano's hilarious robot jokes!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:Β  November 12th 2021

These gold-metal gags promise to tickle you silver - brought to you by Beano's best pun-programmers!

Don't worry - we won't DRONE on, but if your funny bone's still a little RUSTY why not try ourΒ science jokes, Star Wars jokes, or even our out-of-this-worldΒ Space jokes!

Did you hear about the writing robot who combined all the different books ever written into one novel?

It's a long story!

Smiling red robot

How do robots eat guacamole?

With microchips!

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What do robots wear when it snows?


Where do robots sit?

On their robottoms!

Knock, knock! Who's there? Art. Art who?


What happens when a robot falls into muddy water?

It gets wet and muddy!

Who's a robot's favourite author?

Anne Droid!

What is R2D2 short for?

Because he has little legs!

What musical instrument do robots play?


What android team won the Olympic watersports?

The rowbots!

What kind of androids do you find in the arctic?


What did the baby robot call its creator?


Why was the android itchy?


What do robots eat as snacks?


What do robots do at lunchtime?

Have a megabyte!

What happened when they shut down the robot motorway?

Everyone had to take the R2-Detour!

Did you know RD2D uses foul language?

They have to bleep out all his words!

Why did the robot sleep under a car?

He wanted to wake up oily!

Why was the robot bankrupt?

He had used all his cache!

Why did the robot marry his partner?

He couldn't resistor!

What does R2D2 use to open PDF files?

Adobe Wan Kenobi!

Why do robots take holidays?

To recharge their batteries!

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What should I call my new robot puppy?


What do you say at a robot funeral?

Rust in peace!

Why did the robot go back to school?

Her skills were a little rusty!

Why did the droid cross the road?

Because it was programmed by a chicken!

Why is a droid never lonely?

Because they're always making new friends!

What do you call a pirate robot?


Why was the robot tired when it got home?

It had a hard drive!

Why was the robot embarassed?

Because it had hardware and software but no underwear!

Why did the robot go to the doctor?

She had a virus!

What do you get when you cross a robot and a farmer?

A transfarmer!

What is a Robot's favourite kind of music?

Heavy metal!

Why was the robot mad?

People kept pushing its buttons!

How do robots drive?

They put their metal to the pedal!

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