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Saturday Jokes to Start the Weekend With!

These funny Saturday jokes are a great way to start the weekend! Get yourself 'Sat' down and enjoy!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  April 5th 2024

It's time to see which of these Saturday jokes make you giggle! We've put together 20 funny Saturday jokes that will make you say 'Satur-yay!' Liked these? How about some The Traitors jokes? Or maybe you fancy some funny wind jokes? And if you want something more out of this world, how about Planet Jokes? And we've got hundreds more amazing jokes on our jokes hub!

Which day is best for sitting down?


What is Garfield's favourite day?


What do you call Atilla the Hun on a Saturday?

A weekend warrior!

What do ghosts suffer from?

Saturday Fright Fever!

Why was John Travolta ill on the weekend?

He had Saturday Night Fever!

What day of the week makes you cry more than Monday?


How will you know if Greg or Ian is coming round on Saturday?

Check the Gregorian calendar!

I can only fight off colds on Saturday

I have a weekend immune system!

Why is Saturday like a superhero?

It always saves the week!

What is a vampire's favourite day of the week?


Where do tomatoes hang out on a Saturday night?

The salad bar!

What's a strawberry's favourite day of the week?


What do ghosts do on a Saturday night?


What do chickens do on Saturdays?

They go on peck-nics!

When doesn't Saturday start with an 's'?

When its tomorrow!

Knock knock! Who's there? Gladys! Gladys who?

Gladys Saturday!

What's the best day of the week?


Who throws the biggest party in the castle?

The Saturday Knight!

Why did Saturday put on sunscreen?

Sunday was coming!

What's the worst thing to find out on Saturday night?

That its actually Sunday night!