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20 The Traitors Jokes That Are Cloaked in Hilarity!

These treacherous Traitors jokes will keep you guessing - and laughing! - til the very end!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  February 11th 2024

Are you hooked on The Traitors? Us too! But after the crazy challenges, the deception, and the nail-biting tension, you'll find yourself in need of some laughs! We've got you covered - join Claudia and the contestants for some quality, intrigue-based giggles! We've got more jokes in store for you too - have some Britian's Got Talent jokes, or maybe you prefer I'm a Celebrity?

What is a Traitor’s favourite drink?


Did you hear that Claudia Winkleman is writing a sequel to “Lyle Lyle Crocodile?”

It’s called “Traitor Traitor Alligator!”

How do contestants prepare parmesan?

With a cheese traitor!

What is Claudia Winkleman’s favourite Avril Lavigne song?

Traitor Boy!

What’s 6 foot 7, breathes heavily, and murders Faithfuls?

Darth Traitor!

What do contestants say when they’re murdered?

“See you Traitor!”

What do you call a Traitor who is also a devil?

A demonstraitor!

What do you call a contestant who correctly guesses a Traitor purely by chance?

Sheer Luck Holmes!

Why does every contestant want to win a shield?

They’re something you can really get behind!

Why did the Faithful bring a pencil to the game?

To draw their own conclusions!

What do you call a blue Traitor who gets caught red-handed?

A purple-traitor!

What do you call a Traitor who’s also an IT engineer?

An administraitor!

Which American grocery store does Claudia Winkleman shop at?

Traitor Joes!

Why did the Traitor wear two watches?

Because he’s a two-timer!

What do you call a Traitor’s leg?

A blasfemur!

Why are ducks such good contestants?

They always quack the case!

What do you call a Traitor who’s hard of hearing?

A mute-in-ear!

Did you know that when contestants are murdered, they get a lovely parting gift?

It’s a comb!

What did the Faithful say when he found a pretzel left by a Traitor?

“Well there’s a twist I wasn’t expecting!”

What do you call a Traitor who is also a musician?

An orchestraitor!