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How High is Your Sea Shanty IQ? | Wellerman Trivia Quiz

How Well Do You Know The Wellerman Lyrics?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  July 1st 2021

Sea Shanty Lyric Quiz

1/10 Stack of barrels

What do the Wellerman bring?

2/10 Squid

What sea creature are the sailors battling?

3/10 Sail boat on shore

What's the name of the ship?

4/10 Man with life ring on blue background

Where is the song originally from?

5/10 Whale's tale

When was the song originally written?

6/10 Old sailor looking out to sea

Complete the lyric: 'One day, when the ___ is done?'

7/10 Pirate on misty background

Who are the Wellerman?

8/10 Man with microphone on yellow background

Which part of the song is sung in harmony?

9/10 Men singing sea shanties

What kind of boat is in the song?

10/10 Whale underwater

How does the song end?

Amazing result

Wow! You know the lyrics like the back of your oar! Full IQ marks!

Well done result

Well done! Have some sugar and tea and rum to celebrate! (Well...not the rum...or the know what, give yourself a pat on the back instead!)

Try again result

Looks like someone's out to sea with their answers! Listen again and then try again!

Oh no result

Oh no! Looks like this salty sea dog doesn't know this sea shanty well enough! Have another go!