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15 Snuggly Siberian Husky Fun Facts

Do you love these supremely sturdy, snow-loving sled dogs? Check out these 15 fun facts about siberian huskies - they're very well behaved!

Beano Facts Team
Last Updated:ย  October 13th 2022

Do you love dogs? Once you've checked out these fun facts about huskies, have a look at these dog facts. Oh and we've got fox facts too! Or if you'd rather do an animal quiz - we've got plenty of those too!

1. Huskies come from Siberia

That might sound obvious, but Siberian huskies were originally bred by the Chukchi people of far east Siberia. They were bred to be the ultimate sled dogs, something the Chuckchi needed to live that far out in the freezing tundra of Siberia.

2. Huskies might be 3000 years old

The Chukchi people likely bred the first ever husky around 3000 years ago. And they've just been getting better ever since!

3. They have a double-layered coat

Huskies are experts at keeping warm. They have a shorter underlayer that traps heat next to their body, and then a longer waterproof coat on the outer layer. But that's not all - their eyes are the perfect shape to keep the snow out, and their tails are long and bushy enough to wrap round their heads to keep their heads warm!

4. Huskies saved a whole town once

In 1924 the town of Nome, Alaska, was hit by an outbreak of the deadly disease Diphteria. The town was cut off by one of the worst snow storms for years, and the nearest medicine was over 1,000km away. With the train lines all down, the locals had no choice but take a team of huskies on a dangerous mission. The journey would normally take 3 weeks, but the huskies managed it in 6 days - saving the town!

5. They're rubbish guard dogs

Huskies are great at most things - but not being guard dogs! They really like playing and are just too trusting of strangers to keep any bad guys away. Oh well!

6. They often have mismatched eyes

Huskies quite often have different coloured eyes. This is a genetic thing and it doesn't affect their eyesight at all. It's caused by something called heterochromia, and it also happens in humans sometimes too - just very rarely!

7. Huskies hardly ever get tired!

This is because they have an amazing way of taking energy straight from the fat they eat, and turning it directly into energy. It's very clever and allows huskies to run fast for longer than basically any other dog - and for waaaaay longer than us humans can!

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8. Huskies are super friendly

You probably already knew this one... but for a dog breed that looks so much like wolves, it's pretty cool how cuddly the are. Ok, next up in our list of interesting facts about huskies...

9. They're not Malamutes

They might look a bit like them, but huskies and Malamutes aren't the same. They are cousins, but Malamutes were bred from strength (that's why they're bigger) and huskies specialise in stamina. They're both great dogs though!

10. They can be LOUD

A husky's howl can be heard from up to 10 miles away! Woah!

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11. They don't mind hot weather TOO much

Another surprisng fact about huskies is that although they're super furry and love cold weather, their amazing coats also keep them nice and cool in the summer. They do still prefer colder places though, and if you have one - don't take them for long walks on hot days!

12. They love to dig holes

Huskies love digging! Even more than other dogs do. One possible reason for this is because they evolved to dig shelters for themselves in the snow, to keep warm in those harsh Siberian winters.

13. They're very clean

Huskies spend a lot of time grooming and taking care of themselves. Almost as much as cats!

14. A husky was once the strongest dog alive

Back in 1963, a husky named Charlie won the world's strongest dog contest! He even won against many other breeds that have a reputation for strength, like Rottweilers and German Shepherds. Charlie managed to pull a sled that weighed over a tonne! Woah!

15. A team of huskies can run 150 miles in a day!

Huskies are real champions when it comes to endurance, and can just keep going and going. Even 150 miles in a day isn't unheard of for this breed!