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15 Sleepover Jokes for Kids

These jokes are so funny you won't be able to nod off for laughing!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  December 14th 2022

Sleepovers are the BEST part of any weekend! It's a great excuse to eat snacks, watch movies, have pillow fights, and - best of all - make each other laugh with silly jokes! Take these sleepover-themed gags to your next sleepover and win the battle of the wits! Don't forget to check out some other hilarious jokes to tell your friends - we've got Taylor Swift jokes, painting jokes, and washing machine jokes to tickle your funny bone!

Why did the girl take a ruler to the sleepover?

She wanted to see how long she slept!

What do scuba divers bring to sleepovers?


What do butterflies have at sleepovers?

Caterpillar fights!

What do you call policemen having a sleepover?

Undercover cops!

What do you get if you have a sleepover in a hotel?

Suite dreams!

Why dragons have their sleepovers during the day?

So they can fight knights!

Where do fish have sleepovers?

On the sea bed!

What’s the best sleepover snack?


What do sheep count at their sleepovers?


Where do burgers have a sleepover?

On a bed of lettuce!

What did the mathematician bring to the sleepover?

His one z!

What’s it called when trees have a sleepover?

A lumber party!

We woke up from our sleepover to find rice everywhere…

Must have had a pilau fight!

What are the best sandwiches to have at a sleepover?

Peanut butter and jammies!

Why did the girl take her bike to the sleepover?

She didn’t want to sleepwalk!