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20 Best Washing Machine Jokes for Kids For A Load Of Laughs

These washing machine jokes will start a cycle - of laughter! Check out these funny washing machine jokes, we promise they won't hang you out to dry!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  December 6th 2022

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What detergent should you use at Christmas?

Yule Tide!

I did my laundry today

It was a load off my mind!

It's very important that I get my laundry dried

There's a lot on the line!

Why should you put banknotes in the washing machine?

It's a real money spinner!

Why was the laundry sad?

It was all washed up!

If you think laundry isn't funny...

You must have a dryer sense of humour!

I'm sick of doing my washing

I've thrown in the towel!

Well, better get on with my washing...

I've got loads to do!

What detergent do mermaids use?


What sort of washing machine do you get at the gym?

One that does a spin cycle!

I decided to change my washing powder...

It was a Bold move!

What do you call an expert in washing machines?

A spin doctor!

Why should you put mice in your washing machine?

If you want your clothes to be squeaky clean!

Me and my friend had a race to see who could hang the washing fastest

It was level pegging!

What's a washing machine's favourite state?


I put my headphones in the washing machine...

I wanted to get a cleaner sound!

What happens if you drop your wallet in the washing machine?

You become a money launderer!

My shirt got damaged in the washing machine...

It was a casual tee!

My washing machine keeps ripping up my clothes

It's a vicious cycle!

What stars in movies and does your laundry?

Denzel Washing Machine!