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Spongebob Squirrel Jokes

Is Sandy Cheeks your favourite Spongebob character? Yes? Then check out these totally acorn-y squirrel gags!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  November 26th 2021

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What kind of tree does Sandy live in?

A beech tree!

How did Sandy try and impress her date?

She went out on a limb!

Why couldn't the dogfish find Sandy in Bikini Bottom?

It was barking up the wrong tree!

Why is Sandy so rich?

She's good at squirreling away her money!

What's Sandy's favourite spice?


Did you hear about Sandy Cheek's new diet?

It's just nuts!

Why is Sandy so good at explaining things?

She puts things in a nutshell!

What does Spongebob give Sandy on Valentine's Day?

Forget me nuts!

What do you call Sandy when she's late for her appointments?

A cab!

What does Sandy the squirrel wear on her feet?


A squirrel

What part of the hospital do Spongebob characters go to?

The Squid-ward!

Nurse Jokes
Nurse Jokes

Who does Sandy talk to about her food allergies?

The Nut-ritionist!

What did Sandy say to the Krabby Patty?

Pleased to eat you!

Why did Sandy blush?

She saw Bikini Bottom!

What's Sandy's favourite ballet?

The Nutcracker!

How does Sandy watch TV?

On Nut-Flix!

Squirrel Jokes
Squirrel Jokes

Why doesn't Sandy work from Mr Krabs?

He pays peanuts!

Why didn't Mr Krabs invite Sandy on holiday?

Because he's totally shellfish!

What music does Sandy listen to when she's jellyfishing?

Something catchy!

Why does Spongebob hate going to the beach?

Sandy cheeks!