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Spring Jokes!

Had enough of winter? Then spring into the season with this blooming marvellous selection of springtime jokes!

Last Updated:  July 1st 2021
First Published:  March 26th 2021

Ready for some comic reLEAF? Then read on for some sensational springtime snickers!

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What did the tree say to the spring flowers?

Laughing crying emoji

It's a re-LEAF to see you!

What do you call a baby chick in a shell suit?

An egg!

How does the Easter Bunny stay fit?

Lots of EGG-xercise!

What do you call an egg who likes to prank?

A practical YOLKer!

My Christmas fat has gone...

Now I have spring rolls!

What did the field say to the tree?

A smiling tree

You've really grown on me!

Why was the Easter Bunny upset?

She was having a bad HARE day!

What do you call it when it rains monkeys?

APE-ril showers!

What goes up when spring showers come down?


What did the worm say to her son?

Where on EARTH have you been?!

Why are Easter egg jokes so funny?

Because they crack you up!

Which flowers like kissing the most?


What does the flower call his best friend?


What do giraffes love in springtime?


What's a trampoline's favourite season?


What did the daffodils say when the daisy cried?

Get CLOVER it!

What do you call a half-price bunch of daffodils?

A daffoDEAL!

What did the spring onions call their hip hop band?

The Little Rap Scallions!

What do you call a pogo stick made of veg?

A spring onion!

What's invisible and smells of carrots?

Rabbit farts!