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20 Stranger Things Jokes for Kids to Turn You Upside Down

Need a laugh? Beano's ludicrously funny Stranger Things jokes will turn your frown upside down!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:Β  December 5th 2022

Not finished laughing it up? Stranger things have happened! Check out Beano's giggle-inducing monster, ghost or witch jokes!

How did the kids from Stranger Things clean up Hawkins?


How do you call for help in an upside down forrest?

With a mind flare!

What do you call Joyce Byers when she is running from the Russians?

Winona Hider!

What do Stranger things and Homes Under the Hammer have in common?

They both spend the whole show looking for Byers!

Why does Joyce Byers prefer coffee over tea?

She likes stronger things!

What award did the monster from Stranger Things get?

An emmygorgon!

What's the strangest thing to order at McDonalds?

Mind filet-o-fish!

What do you call an important rabbit in Hawkins?

Chief Hopper!

Why do monsters from the Upside down like Dungeons and Dragons?

Because it's multiflayer!

What does the queen dress her dogs up as for halloween?


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What do Will Byers and Will Smith have in common?

Their lives got flipped upside down!

What did Mike say to 11 when she was mad at him?

I love you a waffle lot!

How do 11 and Mike eat their waffles?


Why does 11 from Stranger Things keep going on about how good she is at making waffles?

She's Eggo-tistical!

Which city does 11 from Stranger Things hate?

Sandy Eggo!

What’s the best type of cheese in the upside down?


Why was 12 scared of 11?

Because 11 has telekinetic abilities!

My friend asked me if I wanted to watch Dr. Strange.

I declined because I have Stranger Things to watch.

I wasn't sure that Netflix would ever find success producing their own content. Then again...

Stranger Things have happened!

On a scale from 1 - 10, how good is Stranger Things?


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