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Sturniolo Triplets: The Ultimate Chris Quiz

Chris is just one third of the hilarious Sturniolo triplets - but how much do you know about Chris? Let’s find out once and for all!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  September 30th 2022

The combined power of all three Sturniolo triplets is almost unstoppable, but on their own they’re still pretty funny. So why not take a deeper dive into the world of Chris and test your knowledge? There’s only one place for the ultimate Christ quiz, and that’s right here!

@Christophersturniolo | Instagram

When was Chris born?

@Christophersturniolo | Instagram

When did Chris join TikTok?


What is Chris’ favourite drink?


Which country is Chris from?


If Chris sees a pile of snow, what is he most likely to do?

@Christophersturniolo | Instagram

What is Chris’ brother who isn’t a triplet called?

@Christophersturniolo | Instagram

What does Chris mostly do on TikTok?


What colour are his eyes?


What colour is his natural hair?


What jewellery does he usually wear?

@Christophersturniolo | Instagram

Oh dear! This is not the best result, and probably not the one you were hoping for, maybe it’s time to try another quiz, or maybe even pick another of the triplets? But nobody is brilliant at everything first time around, it all takes practice! Good try though!

@Christophersturniolo | Instagram

Nice! Not a bad score at all! You definitely know the difference between the three brothers, which is a start! You could probably still work on some of the other parts though! Why not have another go and see if you can get 100%?! We believe in you!

@Christophersturniolo | Instagram

Great effort! So nearly full marks! You know your stuff, that much is plain to see! With knowledge like this you might have what it takes to be a TikTok star yourself, just maybe… It might still be worth concentrating in science class though, just in case! But great effort and well done anyway!

@Christophersturniolo | Instagram

Alright! Epic style fully engaged! You’ve scored a whopping 100% which is frankly very very impressive! Well done! Chris would be proud! Nice work! Why not have a go at some of our other quizzes and see if you can max them out too?!