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Torpedo Boredom With 20 Submarine Jokes & Puns!

Buoy oh buoy! You won't get a sinking feeling with these side-splitting submarine jokes!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:ย  November 18th 2022

Ahoy there! Are you looking for some submarine gags and underwater puns? Well we've got a boatload! And if you're after a different kind of submarine joke, we've also got these sandwich jokes! Or these boat jokes, or even these aeroplane jokes!

Yep, whatever form of transport you find funniest, we've got you covered! And don't forget to check our main jokes page for all the jokes you could ever handle!

Why is it so expensive to run a submarine?

Because of all the depth charges!

What colour are submarines?

Deep navy!

What do you call a dog serving on a submarine?

A subwoofer!

I never knew how hard it was to Captain a submarine...

It must be all the pressure!

What do you call a burnt submarine?

A toasted sub!

I farted at work the other day and my boss opened the window

Must've been bad - we work on a submarine!

I used to work for a submarine manufacturing company

Unfortunately, it went under!

I'm going to quit my job working on this submarine

I'm under a lot of pressure!

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What do you call the President's submarine?

Whale Force One!

It's a shame The Beatles didn't make the submarine in that song green.

That would've been sublime!

Why are submarines more dangerous than regular ships?

They're built with sub-standard materials!

What does a Werewolf on a Submarine say?


wolf jokes

I've just got a job at a factory making periscopes

Things are looking up!

Aeroplane jokes tend to go right over my head.

But submarine jokes are beneath me!

What do fish call a submarine?

An Unidentified Floating Object!

Why do European submarines have barcodes?

So when they get to port they can Scandinavian!

What do tuna fish call submarines?

A can of people!

Why is Google like a submarine?

The problems start when you open too many windows!

How do you sink a submarine?

Knock on the door!

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What can fly underwater?

A bee in a submarine!