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Supergirl Jokes

These Supergirl Jokes are Kryptonite to people who are trying to keep a straight face!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  July 8th 2022

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No! It’s…. A webpage full of hilarious supergirl jokes that’ll come at you faster than a speeding bullet! These Supergirl jokes are like kryptonite to people trying NOT to laugh. That’s right, even if you’re lacking a sense of humour, these Supergirl jokes will make you in-cape-able of anything because you’ll be super-giggling so hard you wouldn’t even notice Lex Luther trying to take over the world!

Supergirl can jump higher than a building!

So what? Buildings can’t jump!

Why couldn’t Supergirl stand up at the Marvel Party?

Because she’s really DC!

Why is the Supergirl film so funny?

She’s also a Comic!

Where does Supergirl learn to be so super?

At Kryptonight School!

What happens when Supergirl goes to the toilet?

She turns into Pooper girl!

Why can’t you make out any Superheroes on Supergirl’s Instagram feed?

She forgot to invite the Flash!

What do you get if you cross the girl of steel with a leek and a potato?

Leek and Potato Soupergirl!

What’s Supergirl’s favourite singer?

Kara Zor-Elton John!

What does Supergirl eat cereal from?

A Superbowl!

Supergirl flies like a speeding bullet… 

Fruit flies like a mouldy banana!

Why is Supergirl in the telephone box?

She needed a change!

How much can Supergirl lift?

A Kryp-ton!

How did Supergirl fix the bridge and save the bus?


When and how are we planning to defeat Supergirl?


Why didn’t Superman reveal Supergirl’s secret identity?

He just Kent!

What’s Supergirl’s worst nightmare?

To be a Lex-Girlfriend!

What can’t Nyxlygsptlnz see?

He has no i’s

What’s Supergirl’s favourite animal?

Kara Zor-Elk!

How does Supergirl feel in her superhero costume?


What do you get when you cross a Supergirl and a pig?

The girl of squeal!