The Ultimate Elton John Quiz!

Rocketman or damp squib? Is YOUR pinball wizardry top notch? Then test your skills with the ultimate Elton John quiz!

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What is Elton John's real name? 

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What was the name of Elton John's biggest selling single? 

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In what rock opera created by The Who did Elton John play a cameo role? 

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What is the name of Elton's longterm songwriting partner? 

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What age was Elton John when he first started playing piano? 

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What was the name of Elton's first band that he formed when he was 15 years old? 

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Elton John was a pub musician before he became a star - true or false?

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What famous ballet-themed musical did Elton John write the music for? 

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Elton John also co-wrote Lestat: The Musical - what was it about? 

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How many concerts has Elton John performed during his career? 

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