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The Ultimate Ice Cream Quiz

Are you an ice cream expert or just a big softie? Put your sweet-tooth to the test with this creamy quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  July 6th 2021

What do you call an ice cream with no milk in it? (This isn't the set up for a bad joke, by the way)


"Ice Cream Sundaes" were originally supposed to be eaten on Sundays. True or false?


In ancient Rome, Emperor Nero used to make a kind of ice cream by mixing snow with...what? 


Which of these is NOT a flavour of Cornetto?


Some "scientists" worked out the average amount of licks it takes to eat 1 scoop of ice cream. How many licks do you think it is?

@imaketrollfaces via giphy

What is...*ahem*... sphenopalatine ganglioneuralgia?

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Ice creams made with goat's milk don't melt. True or false?


Can you guess which of these countries eats the most ice cream, per person?


In Japan, there are lots of weird ice cream flavours. Which one of these ISN'T a real flavour in Japan?


In Taiwan, baobing is a type of dessert made with shaved ice, fruit, syrup, cream...and lots of other stuff. It's delicious - but is it an ice cream?

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Cool! (Geddit?!) Good job - you're obviously a big fan of ice cream!

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