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Ultimate World Food Quiz

Take this epic world food quiz to test your knowledge!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  January 5th 2023

The Ultimate World Food Quiz

1/8 Apple Strudel

Where does Apple Strudel traditionally come from?

2/8 Food

How do you spell the name of this traditional Spanish dish?

3/8 Thumbnail of Canadian flag

What is Canada famous for producing?

4/8 Knife, fork and plate

What is Borscht?ย 

5/8 Fortune cookies

Chinese fortune cookies were invented in America, true or false?

6/8 Pizza

Which city in Italy does pizza come from?

7/8 Plate and knife and fork

What is a quesadilla?ย 

8/8 Sushi

Where does sushi come from?

Awesome sauce - you know world food! Well done, only a chef could do better


Chefs kiss! You've obviously tried a couple of great world foods! Nice work!ย 


Eh, you might eat some pizza every now and then but you don't know much about world food! Try again!


Uh-oh, you clearly don't like foreign food! You'd much rather sit down with a nice plate of chips! Try again!