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20 Volcano Jokes That Will Make You Erupt Into Giggles!

Here's a collection of volcano jokes that totally rock!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:ย  December 22nd 2021

Volcanoes are basically mountains full of fireworks and hot, thick sludge. Scientists prefer to call that lava. They're pretty dangerous but awesome to look at from a very safe distance (volcanoes, not scientists).

But despite their fiery glory, volcanoes not above some gentle fun at their expense โ€“ that's why we've popped on some over gloves and safety goggles to collect the best volcano jokes, like, ever!

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What do you call a volcano who watches TV all day?


A volcano erupting

What did the volcano say at dinner time?

I'd really lava pizza right now!

What do you call a volcano that never erupts?

A mountain!

How can you tell when a volcano is angry?

They blow their top!

When's the best time to make a volcano joke?

When the dust settles!

Volcano jokes

What did the dinosaur say to the pig when they saw a volcano explode?

Isn't it a lava-ly day?

Why should you never kick a volcano?

You might Krakatoa!

Why was the volcano bad-mannered?

They kept interrupting!

Erupting volcano

What do you say to a group of volcanoes messing around in class?

You're erupt to no good!

What do you say to a volcano who's being dramatic?

Stop overreacting!

What do you call a mountain with hiccups?

A volcano!

What do you get if you cross a volcano with a lightbulb?

A lava lamp!

What type of music does a volcano listen to?


What is a volcano's favourite game?

The floor is lava!

Where do volcanoes go when they need a wee?

The lava-tory!

What did the baby volcano call its mum?


What did one volcano say to the other volcano?

I lava you!

What happens if you drop a piece of volcanic rock on your foot?

You'll Krakatoa!

Doctor Jokes
Doctor Jokes

What happens when you tell a joke to a volcano?

They erupt with laughter!