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Which Christmas Decoration Are You?

Ever wondered which Christmas decoration you'd be?! Find out now in this awesome personality quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  December 10th 2021

What's your favourite thing about christmas?


2/10 Pick a colour:


3/10 Pick a Christmas scene:


4/10 Pick a Christmas tree decoration:


5/10 Pick a christmas tree:


Which word best describes you?


7/10 Pick a cute Christmas dog


What's your favourite thing to do on Christmas day?


What's your favourite Christmas song?


10/10 What's your favourite 'Christmassy' animal?

Star on the Christmas Tree

Congrats, you're the Star on top of the Christmas Tree! You're super popular and love being the centre of attention. All your friends look up to you and you're always the star of the show! You LOVE Christmas so go and spread some joy!

Door wreath

You're the door wreath! Christmas is one of your favourite times of year because you get to spend time your with friends and family. You're great at meeting and welcoming new people with a big smile! Merry Christmas!


You're the tinsel at Christmas! You're so extra and sassy. Christmas is your favourite season as it's a chance to embrace the over the top sparkle and decorations. Go and spread your joy and sparkle!

Fairy lights

Your love for Christmas makes everyone really get in the spirit of things! Your positivity and energy lights up the room and everyone wants to be around you. You know exactly how to cheer up your friends when they feel sad - when you're happy, everyone's happy!