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Which Young Sheldon Character Are You?

Every wondered what character from Young Sheldon you’re most like? Sure you have! If you love physics then the answer might be clear but our Which Young Sheldon Character Are You? Quiz is far more complex and sophisticated than you might expect ( A bit like young Sheldon, himself!)

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  September 7th 2022

If you liked the comedy show Big Bang Theory, you’ll LOVE Young Sheldon, it’s a heart-warmingly hilarious take on the life of child-genius Sheldon Cooper and his zany family. Speaking of which… Which Young Sheldon character are you most like? Check out our other TV quizzes. We’ve got things like magical The Ultimate Wizards Of Waverly Place Quiz, we’ve got Ariana Grande’s masterwork, The Ultimate Sam and Cat Quiz. And we’ve got the festively funny Christmas TV Quiz: Can You Get Them All Right? It’s no turkey!


Who’s your hero?


What’s your favourite thing about Christmas?


What’s your favourite catchphrase?


What’s your favourite subject at school?


5/10 What’s your favourite animal?


6/10 Favourite planet

7/10 A fashionable gentleman

What’s your style.


8/10 Favourite colour?

9/10 A man eating a snack

What’s your top snack preference?


Dream job?

You’re Sheldon!

You’re a once-in-generation academic genius who sometimes need to keep your sense of superiority in check. True intelligence is knowing that no-one (not even you) knows everything!

You’re George

Just because you love sport more than school, it doesn’t mean you’ll struggle in life. Like George you’ve got big business plans and will probably end up richer than everyone you know!

You’re Missy

You’re smart AND caring and have a knack for seeing the truth behind everyone!

You’re Pastor Jeff

You see the good in all and are always looking on the bright side of life. You’re a ray of sunshine in everybody’s life!