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Why We Love Quizzes!

We love quizzes so much, we want their autograph. That's not possible, really. Here's some blam-tastic reasons why we think trivia tests are tops!

Beano Team
Last Updated:  July 1st 2021

Quizzes help you learn!

We all love to fill our brains with exciting facts about different countries, flags and fancy vegetables. Sure, we could sit still and pay attention in class but there's nothing that compares to the sweet, sweet sense of scoring points for answering questions correctly. And even if you get the answer wrong, you learn something, so you're still a winner!

They're fun!

What else would you rather do at the moment? Stand outside in a rainstorm? Pick your nose? Wash the dishes? Actually, the last one is quite helpful, but quizzes are a fantastic way to stretch your head muscle – what scientists insist on calling 'the brain' – and apply some of your random bits of knowledge to a game. That's all quizzes are: a game! And who doesn't like playing games? No-one, that's who.

Quizzes offer you the chance to show off your knowledge!

Are you bursting with facts but unsure of where and when is appropriate to let everyone know how much you know about K-pop and Spanish food?Simply convince your family and friends watch you take a quiz on the Beano website and it'll feel like you're on a game show on the telly!

It's a great way to relax!

There's a lot going on in the outside world, isn't there? Grab your device and spend some quality time with a wide range of quizzes. You'll forget about everything for a while and find out if you really know everything about Newcastle United or Minecraft.

It's exercise for your brain!

Scientists would probably say that taking a quiz is like making your brain go for a fast-paced run around a sunny park or lifting some heavy weights in a gym.Don't ask scientists to check, because they're a bit busy at the moment. 

Quizzes can help fill the gaps in stuff you know!

Even if you think you know everything about a certain subject, like history, Peppa Pig or Friends, there might be some questions that trip you up. See these quizzes as a chance to refresh your knowledge and if you learn something along the way, blam-tastic stuff!

It's a fun way to compete against your friends!

Things aren't much fun at the moment. We're all stuck indoors and can't hang out with our friends. You can always go on FaceTime or Zoom and take your friends on at a quiz or two. It'll be more tense than the final question on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?!There'll be time to arm-wrestle and play outside soon.