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290 Word Jokes That Are So Punny!

What's in a word? Loads of laughs! So ditch the dictionary and wrap your chops round our lexicon of lolz!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  December 22nd 2021

These jokes are really rewording! Get ready for some punny word play with these hilarious word jokes! If you've got time for more laughs, check out our clock jokes! We've also got lol-worthy library jokes, and if you liked those, stick your nose in these great book jokes ! Check out more hilarious jokes on our jokes hub!

Why did the gamer feel sick?

Some did a big fort!

Someone made a smell

What’s a Fortnite player’s favourite American football team? The renegade raiders! 

The Renegade Raiders! 

An American Football on a chalkboard background

What do you call a Fortnite gamer who loves fruit?


How does a thirsty gamer drink water?

They slurp it!

A cheetah and a glass of water

Why was the gamer sad after losing at Fortnite?

Because nobody could console them!

A gamer grandad

Where do Fortniters sleep?

In a nite fort!

A sleepy man at the dining table

Why don’t skeletons play Fortnite?

They’ve got no skins!

Why can’t anyone use the password Fortnite?

Because it’s two week!

Why did Shrek play Fortnite?

He wanted to visit the Slurpy Swamp!

Shrek Jokes
Shrek Jokes

Where do Fortnite players buy their clothes?

At the Retail Row!

A woman carrying shopping bags, plus a curious giraffe

What Fortnite mode do babies play?

Rattle Royale!

What Fortnite mode do snakes play?

Rattle Royale!

Who are the most hydrated team playing Fortnite?

Team Liquid!

A footballer holding a refreshing bottle of water

Why do Fortnite gamers have great teeth?

They love to floss all the time!

Why wasn’t the Fortnite player allowed to join the army?

Because they didn’t have a Battle Pass!

What is a labrador’s favourite pizza?


What do labradors say before a meal?

“Bone appetit!”

In September, I’m going to an event at a dog genetics testing facility in America…

It's called the Labor Day Labrador Laboratory!

Will the man who cross-breeds labradors and poodles be adequate for the job?

Yep, the labradoodle dude’ll do!

What do you call a poem written by a labrador?

A doggerel!

What’s a labrador’s favourite instrument?

A trom-bone!

Did you hear about the labrador who had her puppies in the street?

She was fined for littering!

What do you get if you cross a chilli pepper, a shovel and a labrador?

Hot diggity dog!

What do you call a Labrador that’s also a computer programmer?

A code-retriever!

Why did the labrador go to the vet?

He felt ruff!

How does a labrador answer the phone?


What do you call it when you let your labrador try your food before you eat it?

Lab testing!

Did you hear about the man who adopted a labrador from the local blacksmith?

As soon as he got the dog home, it made a bolt for the door!

What do you call it when a stressed labrador goes shopping?

Re-tail therapy!

What do you get when you cross a yellow labrador with a phone?

A golden receiver!

What do a labrador and your phone have in common?

They both have collar ID!

Why do labradors hate walkies in the rain?

They don’t want to step in a poodle!

What happened when the labrador went to the flea circus?

He stole the show!

What kind of dog does a scientist have?

A laboratory retriever!

What do you call a magical labrador?

A labracadabrador!

What did the buffalo say when his son set off on a road trip?


Where do sharks go on their road trips?


We passed a sign that said “Service Station 3 Miles…”

My dad said, “Wow, that’s HUGE!”

What did one rock say to another?

“I rock. You rock. WE rock!”

Why are road trips with your family so educational?

You can see new places, meet new people, and discover new ways to annoy each other!

What did one traffic light say to another?

“Don’t look, I’m changing!”

What should you do when you see a spaceman?

Park in it, man!

What kind of car does a Jedi drive?

A Toy-Yoda!

Why are road trips so great?

You’re seeing the whole country without really doing anything!

Where do bees stop on a road trip when they need to use the bathroom?

The BP station!

What do you call a laughing motorbike?

A Yamahahahaha!

Where do cows go on their road trips?

Moo York City!

Why shouldn’t you take dogs on a road trip?

They can be such bark seat drivers!

The best part of a road trip is sleeping in the car…

Unless you’re the driver!

What’s the worst part of stopping on a road trip?

Every slow driver you passed will get ahead of you!

Why don’t rabbits go on road trips?

They prefer to go by hare-plane!

What do frogs like to drink on a road trip?


Where do sheep like to go on holiday?

The Baa-hamas!

What do elephants do before a road trip?

Pack their trunks!

What do you do for the first hour of a road trip?

Try and remember everything you forgot to pack!

What do you call a Gen Z-er acting like they grew up in the 70's?

A hippiecrite!

I'm getting a little tired of Gen Z-er's attitudes

Always walking around like they rent the place!

What did the Gen Z baker yell when he tossed the dough?


Gen Z should change their name to...


Why would Gen z make bad astronauts?

In space no one can hear you meme!

What'd the Gen Z-er say to the spice shop owner with the massive spice plants?

I'm here for a good thyme not a long thyme!

Gen Z’s dream about owning a house

Too bad it's surreal estate!

My favourite question on the job interview with a Gen Z-er is:

What do you want to do after the burnout?

How do you weigh Gen Z-ers?

In Instagrams!

Why don't Gen Z barbers ever get sideburns right?

They literally can't even!

What kind of ghost hates Gen Z-ers?


A boomer, a millennial and a zoomer walk into a bar

That's right - Gen X just got ignored again!

What is a Gen Z-ers favourite spaceship?

A millennial falcon!

What do you call a Gen Zer on a scooter?

A zoomer!

How does a Gen Z-er tell a joke?

Idk lol

What do Gen Z-ers say when a baby boomer calls?

A boomerang!

What is a Gen Z rapper’s favourite Transformer?


What did the Gen Z-er say after they successfully started the campfire?

That's lit!

Why are Gen Z-ers so odd?

Cause they can’t even!

What does a Gen Z cowboy say?

Yeet Haw!

What’s grey, has tusks and sings jazz?


Did you hear about the jazz weekend break?

You can get R&R at a B&B listening to R&B!

Why can’t jazz musicians be trusted?

They only play sus chords!

A bus carrying a jazz band broke down on the motorway…

The news is reporting a massive jam!

What do you call a German jazz musician?

Jazz Hans!

My goldfish are named Dorian, Lydian, Major, Minor and Diminished…

The only way I can tell them apart is by their scales!

What’s the difference between a saxophone and a chainsaw?


How do you keep your violin from being stolen?

Put it in a trumpet case!

How do you know when a jazz singer is at your door?

They can’t find the key and they don’t know when to come in!

How do you get a trumpet player to play softly?

Take away his instrument!

Why can’t vampires play jazz?

They have no soul!

How do you get a jazz musician off your porch?

Pay him and take the pizza!

What’s the range of a trumpet?

About 20 metres, if you have a good arm!

What do you call someone who hangs out with jazz musicians?

A drummer!

How does a jazz musician get to Carnegie Hall?


What's the difference between a pop group and a jazz group?

A pop group plays 3 chords for 1,000 people. A jazz group plays 1,000 chords for 3 people!

Which Stevie Wonder song is famous for its use of jazz chords?

I Jazz Chord To Say I Love You!

Why do farmers play smooth jazz for their corn?

It's easy on the ears!

How does a jazz musician get ÂŁ2m?

Give him £4m, he’ll take it from there!

Did you hear about the jazz accordionist who left his accordion in his car?

When he came back someone had broken in and left three more accordions inside!

What do you call it when a VR company steals your money?

Oculus Grift!

I read a book instead of playing VR

It was a novel experience!

I want to create a VR girl/boyfriend simulator

I shall call it, E-Bae!

Did you hear about that VR headset made out of solid gold?

It shows you an Augmented reality!

I downloaded a VR app to simulate the Titanic...

...but I can’t use it, it’s still syncing!

A shouting sea creature

I really love the immersiveness of VR headsets...

It helps you get your head in the game!

Whenever I go near my bed in VR it moves 4 feet into the wall...

It must be a bed bug!

I can't believe how far virtual reality has come in my lifetime

Its unreal!

Asked my son if he and his friends were playing the latest Virtual Reality game

Son: VR!

Did you hear about Apple's new VR headset?

They're called the iGlasses!

Did you hear about VR for Cows?

It’s a moooood enhancer!

What do you call a virtual reality raft?

Oculus Drift!

Why did the unicyclist give up on virtual reality?

It was Two Wheelistic!

Bike Jokes Thumbnail
Bike Jokes Thumbnail

I called the UPS office in Germany to ask if they were sending out my Oculus Rift

They said VR ready!

It’s crazy, all these people running these races in VR, starting all over the place

Where do we draw the line?

I told a joke through VR

It wasn’t really funny!

Why is Santa really looking forward to VR?

Because of all his Christmas Presence!

Did you hear about the VR pet dog?

All byte, no bark!

Why should you be more careful in the Autumn?

It's time for fall!

What do spies to at work?

Stealth and safety!

I fell off a ladder at work but I can't sue...

I don't have a leg to stand on!

How do the elves clean Santa's workshop?

With Santa-tizer!

What came first, the chicken or the egg?


Have you heard the health and safety joke?

There isn't one - health and safety is NO JOKE!

Did you hear about the explosion at the cheese factory?

Da brie was everywhere!

What do rich people practise at work?

Wealth and safety!

Why are Germans so hygienic at work?

They always wash their Hans!

They say it's unlucky to walk under a ladder...

But not as unlucky as falling off one!

Did you hear about the health and safety rules at the present wrapping factory?

Too much red tape!

Did you hear about the health and safety officers who are going out?

They really fell for each other!

How do book sellers avoid accidents at work?

Shelf and safety!

Did you hear about the flood at the vegetable factory?

There was a leek!

Which water park ride do health and safety officers avoid?

The slip n' slide!

I ran into a lamppost yesterday..

Don't worry, I only got light injuries!

Why did the doctor say 'aww' when I hurt myself at work?

It was acute trauma!

What do you call it when ghosts get injured?

A boo-boo!

What happens if you get hurt down the pit?

It'll just be a miner injury!

Did you hear about the orchestra who got hurt?

Don't worry, there was only A-minor injury!

2020 was a good year, I did virtually everything!

Sorry, I meant, I did everything virtually.!

Hilarious jokes
Hilarious jokes

How do you make a candle happy?

Blow it out – it’ll be delighted!

Why was the teacher so happy to be working at a prison?

She had a captive audience!

Why was the King unhappy with the weather?

Because it was reigning!

What do you call a meme that makes you happy?


Why is happiness like peeing yourself?

Everyone can see it, but only you can feel the warmth!

Where is happiness made?

At the satisfactory!

How do you know if a duck is happy?

He’s quacking up with laughter!

How do you make a squirrel happy?

Act like a nut!

They say that money won’t make you happy…

But I’d rather cry in a Lamborghini!

They say some people cause happiness wherever they go…

And some people cause it whenever they go!

How many tickles does it take to make an octopus laugh?

Ten tickles!

How do you know when your tennis opponent isn’t happy with your serve?

He keeps returning it!

Why was the inkblot so unhappy?

Because he was in the pen and he didn’t know how long the sentence would be!

Why was the horse so happy?

He lived in a stable environment!

I bought my dad a new fridge…

I can’t wait to see his face light up when he uses it!

No one ever asks is Coca-Cola is happy…

It’s always, “Is Pepsi okay?”

Why are frogs always so happy?

They eat whatever bugs them!

My wife said nothing would make her happier than a diamond necklace…

So I bought her nothing!

Why are pirates so unhappy?

Because their lives are full of hardships!

I’ve heard that money can’t buy happiness…

But I wish someone would let me test that theory!

Why did one zoo worker propose to another?

She was a keeper!

What did one barista say to another?

I love you a latte!

What did one baker say to another?

I knead you!

What's the most romantic food?

A date!

What did one volcano say to the other?

I lava you!

Are you a telephone?

I'd like to give you a ring!

Are you a cat?

I have a feline we have a connection!

We're like socks...

We'd make a great pair!

What did one ghost say to another?

Will you be my ghoul-friend?

What do snakes do when they are in love?

Give each other hugs and hisses!

Are you French?

Because Eiffel for you!

Why are skunks so romantic?

They're very scent-imental!

Have you seen two octopus in love?

They go arm in arm in arm in arm in arm!

Why was the calligrapher happy?

She found Mr. Write!

What did one artist say to another?

I love you with all of my art!

What one the parachutist say to the other?

I'm falling for you!

Did you hear about the vampire couple?

It was love at first bite!

Why did the zombies break up?

Because romance is dead!

What did one fish say to another?

You've go me hooked!

What did one florist say to another?

You make my life rosy!

What do you call a shy person with a hammer?


What happened when the god of thunder dropped his hammer?

He got a Thor foot!

What do you call it when you vandalise things using a hammer?

An act of mallets!

Did you hear about the journalist who uncovered the truth about hammers?

It was a hard-hitting report!

Why did Captain America wait so long to pick up Thor’s hammer?

He didn’t want to steal his thunder!

I didn’t understand how hammers could be susceptible to gravity…

Then it hit me!

What is a carpenter’s favourite fish?

A hammerhead shark!

Why aren’t hammers very popular with the other tools?

They tend to be a bit blunt!

What do you get when you hit an avocado with a hammer?


Why did the cow take a hammer to bed?

She wanted to hit the hay!

What did one hammer say to the other after a long day of work?

“We really nailed it today!”

Why did the hammer go to the hospital?

He kept hitting his head!

Why do doctors use those little hammers to tap patients’ knees?

They get a kick out of it!

What would a hammer be called in Minecraft?

MC Hammer!

What’s the worst nail to hammer?

Your fingernail!

What is the most groundbreaking invention of all time?

The jackhammer!

Have you heard that new song about hammers?

It's an absolute banger!

I told a hammer joke…

And I think I nailed it!

What happened when the god of thunder missed the nail with his hammer?

He got a Thor thumb!

What do you call a hammer bought on the first of April?

April Tool!

What makes honey and lives in a graveyard?

A zombee!

What do you call a snowman in a graveyard?


Did you about the terrible graveyard novel?

It had no plot!

What do skeletons put on their roast dinners?


What does Beethoven do in a graveyard?


What do you call a raffle in a graveyard?

A dead giveaway!

I never speak ill of the dead

They're beneath me!

Why did the chicken cross the graveyard?

To get to the other side!

Why was the bar in the graveyard so strict?

They only serve spirits!

Why did everyone in the graveyard get sick?

All of the coffin!

What sign is up outside the graveyard?

'There's no place like bone!'

Where do skeletons go to dance?

The rave-yard!

Did you hear about the new graveyard?

People are dying to get in!

Where is the graveyard in town?

Dead centre!

How did the skeleton feel about living in the graveyard?

Dead happy!

Why is so hard to keep a graveyard neat and tidy?

Everyone's always pushing up daisies!

People ask me why I love being a gravedigger so much...

I just dig it!

Why should people in a graveyard be allowed to vote?

It's their last rites!

Where are Neanderthals buried?

In a cave-yard!

Why should you never hold a concert in a graveyard?

The audience is pretty dead!

Why did the glass pane not start a fight?

Because it was tempered!

Breaking glass isn’t as easy as it looks

It’s actually quite a pane!

I was on a flight and I asked for a glass of water

“Still?” I said “well, I haven’t changed my mind!”

A local glass blower ate lunch at work

She ended up with a pane in his stomach!

You should respect people who wear glasses

They paid money to see you!

I got tired of seeing all the dog poo in the street, so I ordered a pair of anti-poop glasses

Now I can’t see a thing!

Yesterday I accidentally crashed through the glass door of a French bakery

I was….in a world of pain!

How does a glass of milk introduce itself in Spanish?

Soy Milk!

Will glass coffins be a success?

Remains to be seen!

I got a job in a mirror factory

It’s something I can see myself doing for a very long time!

What do you call a glass to-do list?

Clear instructions!

If you or anyone you know had to wear a mask with your glasses

You may be entitled to some condensation!

Why are glasses not allowed to be worn on the football field?

Because football is a contact sport!

Do you know who the most famous outlaws are in the Kingdom of Sand and Glass?

The Pyrex of the Caribbean!

Turned down an opportunity to invest in a company making frosted glass balls

Couldn’t see any future in it!

Every time I take a drink from a glass, it keeps pouring back

Must be spring water!

They’ve started a collection to open a pool near me

I gave them a glass of water!

How do you make prawn toast?

Lift your glass and talk about the wonderful things it has done!

A friend’s bad attitude cost him his job as a barman

With him, the glass was always half empty!

Saw a chess player snacking on crisps whilst drinking from an exotic looking glass

Pawn Cocktail!

Why did the gingerbread man go to the dentist?

He had gingervitis!

Why did the gingerbread man join the army?

He wanted to be a tough cookie!

What is the most dangerous type of biscuit?

A Ninjabread man!

Why don’t gingerbread men make good spies?

They crumble under pressure!

What do you call a gingerbread man who can swim?

A gingerbread man-atee!

What is a gingerbread man’s favourite band?

The Spice Girls!

What do you call an unidentified gingerbread man?

John Dough!

How did the gingerbread man treat his sore foot?

By icing it!

Why do we have gingerbread men but not gingerbread women?

It’s the pastryarchy!

What do you call a gingerbread man’s sunglasses?

Eye candy!

Why couldn’t the gingerbread man start an online bakery?

He wouldn’t allow cookies!

What do you call a gingerbread man who goes to university?

A real smart cookie!

What did the gingerbread man say when he had to drop out of college?

“I don’t think I’m cut out for this!”

How does a gingerbread man get into his house?

With cook-keys!

What is a gingerbread man’s favourite drink?

Ginger beer!

Why do basketball players love gingerbread men?

Because they can dunk them!

What do gingerbread men sleep on?

Baking sheets!

Why did the gingerbread man call in sick to work?

Because he felt crumby!

How do gingerbread men keep their coats closed?

With ginger snaps!

What do gingerbread men use when they break their legs?

Candy canes!

What’s got antlers and runs Tesla?

Elon Moose!

What do you call a guy who run’s Twitter and has no super powers?


What do you call an elephant that runs Tesla?

Elon Tusk!

What do you call a billionaire covered in mud?

Elon Muck!

What do you call a billionaire who plays music in the streets for change?

Elon Busk!

What do you call a billionaire who only comes out at nightfall?

Elon Dusk!

What do you call a perfume created by a billionaire?

Elon's Musk!

What do you call a billionaire who has lots of online pals?

An X friend!

What happens when a billionaire gets stretched?

He gets Elon-gated!

What do you call a billionaire who should be in jail?

Felon Musk!

I thought I saw a billionaire just now…

I Musk be mistaken!

Why did Elon Musk clean his house?

He wanted to get rid of the Grimes!

What do you call a billionaire sitting by himself?

Alone Musk!

What does Elon Musk do when he sees a spaceman?

He parks in it, man!

What is Elon Musk’s favourite chocolate?

A Mars bar!

What does Elon Musk celebrate at Christmas?


What own a car company and only appears at Christmas?

Noel Musk!

Which billionaire must have the craziest ideas?

Elon Must!

What’s juicy and runs a car company?

Melon Musk!

What do you call a billionaire who’s run out of money?

Elon Bust!

The avatar has announced water is now only legal in three states

Solid, liquid and gas!

Did you hear the firebender defeated the water bender?

They will be mist!

What’s the best way to start waterbending?

Just use spring water!

I googled how powerful the firebender is

It came back with about a million matches!

What do you call someone who can cook 4 things at once on 4 burners?

The Avatar, master of all 4 elements!

Why is airbending the easiest skill to learn? 

It’s a breeze!

Have you seen season three of the Avatar?

It’s fire!

Aang got a job at Ikea

He’s the last chairbender!

Did the band Earth, Wind, & Fire even know... close they were to reaching the Avatar state?

What do you call a gullible male role model from the Avatar movie?

A Fleeced Na'Vi Dad!

What are the Avatar elements?

Water, Earth, Fire and Walkers crisps!

Crisps prank

What happens to The Avatar when he gets mad?

He gets Aangry!

What does the avatar get when he’s nervous?

He gets Aang-xious!

What's the avatar's favourite fruit?


Fruit Jokes
Fruit Jokes

Where do Avatars learn to bend?

At elementary school!

A calculator

What is the avatar's favorite sport?


What do you call an Avatar that was born in the 1950's?

Boomer Aang!

How does Aang send his love letters?

By air mail!

Owl with envelope

If Prince Zuko worries about about where the avatar is...

Does he have Aangxiety?

Why does Aang get in trouble at school?

His head is always in the clouds!

Lorelai doesn’t have a problem with coffee…

She has a problem without it!

Why did Sookie have to stop cooking?

She ran out of thyme!

What happened when Lane hit her head?

She got a mild percussion!

How did Paris prepare for a pest control exam?

She stayed up all night swatting!

Why did Jess and Rory break up?

They weren’t on the same page!

Why did Rory apply for a job as a librarian?

She wanted to start a new chapter in her life!