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20 Totally Nerdy Young Sheldon Jokes!

Do you share Sheldon's geeky sense of humour? Then you'll love these Young Sheldon jokes and puns - scientific accuracy guaranteed!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  February 26th 2024

If you love quantum physics just as much as Sheldon Cooper, then we have the perfect jokes for you! Giggle along with these scientific jokes and puns - you'll be top of the class in laughs! Don't forget to check out some of our other Young Sheldon stuff while you're here! Find out which character you're most like, or test your knowledge of the show - see how well you know season 3, season 4, and season 5!

Why did Mary knit Sheldon three socks?

He grew another foot!

Why does Sheldon hate the quantum model?

He finds it Bohr-ing!

Why was Georgie grounded for getting a D in Physics?

Because he didn’t understand the gravity of the situation!

How did Sheldon weigh Meemaw?

 In gram-mas!

Why doesn’t Sheldon like hearing bad physics jokes?

Because it Hertz!

Sheldon told Georgie he had so much energy and so much potential…

But then he fell down the stairs and lost it all!

What does Sheldon like more than a physics joke?

A metaphysics joke!

What did Sheldon’s professor say when Sheldon stopped him after class to ask what happened before the Big Bang?

“I’m sorry, there is no time!”

What did Sheldon say to Missy after they watched Star Wars?

“May the mass times acceleration be with you!”

Why does Sheldon care about physics so much?

Because it matters!

Why did Sheldon throw the physics textbook off the roof?

He thought it had potential!

Why does Sheldon hate sitting near Paige in physics class?

There was too much friction between them!

Did you hear that Sheldon developed a theory about space?

It was about time, too!

What did Sheldon do when his quantum computer stopped working?

He turned it off and on at the same time!

Why did Sheldon stop watching the documentary about quantum physics?

He was worried he would affect the outcome!

Why didn’t Meemaw enjoy her new stairmaster?

It was driving her up the wall!

Why shouldn’t you try to fight Sheldon?

He’s read a book on Jiu Jitsu, and he’ll throw it at you!

Sheldon doesn’t always make jokes about quantum mechanics…

But when he does, he doesn’t!

Where does Sheldon keep his snacks when he’s working on a NASA project?

In a launch box!

Why does Sheldon love quantum computing?

Because half the time, there is nothing to learn!