Dennis & Gnasher

Dennis and Gnasher: Gnasher

Owner of the toughest teeth in town!

Gnasher, Dennis's trusty pet pooch, is an Abyssinian Wire-Haired Tripe-Hound - one of the rarest breeds of dog around, which probably comes as a bit of a relief to cats and postmen everywhere.

  • Gnasher's more than just a dog though! He's Dennis's best pal and he's happy to get involved in every one of Dennis's plans. Even the ones he knows are doomed to failure!
  • Gnasher's got the most legendary set of teeth in Beanotown... and he especially loves sinking them into a nice plate of sausages. Or the postman's bum.
  • Gnasher is a proud dad to a puppy named Gnipper, who's a gnip... er... chip off the old block, and who keeps Dennis's Gran company.
  • Gnasher's fierce fur is home to thousands of frisky fleas.
  • Gnasher and Dennis are an inseperable team... unless Gnasher spots a cat, a plate of sausages, or a postman's bum. He might get a bit distracted for a minute or two, then. But he'll always come back to his best mate, Dennis!


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