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Beano Games Team
Last Updated: April 29th 2020

Cake Connect

Do you have what it takes to accurately drop the dessert, and skillfully stack these sweets? Test your puzzle, logic, and physics skills in this free cake game. Watch out for falling sponges, dangling donuts, and plummeting pop tarts.

The objective here is to connect your cakes to hit the square green goals in each level. Make tall cake towers to reach high-up goals, squish donuts together to hit goals that are lined up, or try balancing square biscuits – all without toppling over!

Rectangular cakes can spawn horizontally or vertically, to reach wide or tall. Donuts are always round enough to roll away, so keep an eye on where they might end up. Square cookies are sturdy, but can block the way if you use too many.

Collect enough sweets on each level to pass to the next one. OR try again for a new high score. Sounds sweet, right? Don’t be afraid to try again – there’s a restart button there for a reason. Sometimes, just like in real life, a bun is a too bouncy or a swiss roll is too springy. But don’t cry over spilt milk! (Because virtual cake can easily be made dairy-free!)

Make sure to think outside the cake-box! Wait for the wobbling to stop before building higher cake towers. Stack your cakes safely to create more stable towers. Create a pyramid base using cupcakes that are right-side-up AND upside-down – try alternating them to build higher! Sometimes, you need to take your time and make sure your cakes connect to the right part – other times, it’s time for a sugar rush, and DROP your cakes quickly to create stabilised stacks of sweets.

Above all, please remember, dessert is an important part of a BALANCED diet! Now go connect some of your favourite flavours of tasty cakes!