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21 Joker Jokes Perfect for Dark Knights!

Check out our jocular Joker jokes. They’re so funny they’d drive batman batty!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  November 17th 2022

The Joker’s one of the funniest supervillains around; the clue’s in the name! Actually, it depends on if you find his crazy, villainous antics funny or not, but either way, when there’s a wicked pun or a cruel joke to be made, The Joker’s the villain for job! When you’ve Mwahaha’d at these Jocularly jokey Joker jokes take a look at our Captain America Jokes and our Wonder Woman Jokes. They’re absolutely super (obviously)!

What did the Joker say to the cloud?

Why so cirrus!

Batman went to a fancy dress party as the Joker…

Sometimes, he’s his own worst enemy!

What do you call it when the Joker goes hiking?

Walking Phoenix!

My teacher said I should stop comparing him to Batman villains…

What a Joker!

Why didn’t Batman mind when he found a tiny spot of colour in his Batsuit?

It was only Arthur Fleck!

What happened when the Joker bought a steamroller?

Flatman and Ribbon!

Where does The Joker get his hair dyed green?

Arkham Hairstylum!

What is another way of saying Arthur Fleck?


How long does it take the Joker to hatch an evil plan?

Jester minute!

Did you hear about the villain in the new Muppet Batman Movie?

Jokermit the Frog!

Why does the Joker hate going for walks?

He doesn’t like Poison Ivy

Why did Batman get so stressed playing cards?

The Joker was wild!

Why did Joker give Batman mouthwash for Christmas?

He said he had Batbreath!

Why is Batman so serious?

He’s not a joker!

Why does the Joker always play with the white pieces at chess?

Batman insists on being the dark knight!

The Joker says Batman’s like false teeth...

He comes out at night!

I asked the Joker if he was in Batman Forever…

He said “No, just for a few minutes!”

What did the Joker say to the waiter when he ordered a sandwich?


A sandwich on a wooden floor

What’s the The Joker’s least favourite drink? 


What did the Joker say to the North Star?

Why so Sirius!

Space Jokes
Space Jokes

Did you hear the Joker apologise for his evil deeds? 

It was a nice jester!

What did Ben Affleck say when he met the man who’d won the Award for Best Actor in the Batman franchise? 

"You must be Joaquin!"