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Wonder Woman Jokes

Check out these SUPER Wonder Woman jokes! If you're a fan of this awesome Amazon and her cool powers, then these funny jokes will have you really laughing!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  January 17th 2022

We've lassoed some of the funniest Wonder Woman jokes in the world together just for you! Check out these Wonder Woman lols and try them out on your league of super friends! And if you enjoyed these, why not check out more superhero jokes here? Or if Marvel is more your thing, we've got Iron Man jokes - they're STARKly different! Or how about these silly Spiderman jokes - the best on the web! And as always, there's hundreds more jokes on our jokes hub!

Which super hero is the most curious?

Wonder Woman!

Where does Wonder Woman buy all her stuff?


Which superhero likes walking?

Wander Woman!

What does Wonder Woman eat?

Wonder bread!

What does Wonder Woman put in her drinks?

Just ice!

What do you get if you cross a transformer and Wonder Woman?

Amazon Prime!

 What does Wonder Woman do before bedtime?

 Puts her pajamazon!

What's Wonder Woman's favourite book?

Alice in Wonderland!

What does Wonder Woman drink?

Fruit PUNCH!

Why didn't Wonder Woman want to date Mr. Freeze?

He gave her the cold shoulder!

Why didn't Wonder Woman's birthday pictures come out?

She forgot to invite The Flash!

Why don't Amazons cry?

So they don't smudge Themyscira!

What do you call it when Spiderman and Wonder Woman team up?

An Amazon Web Series!

What did Wonder Woman say to Spider Man?

'Don't bug me!'

Which superhero can you see from far away?

Yonder Woman!

Why did Superman want to date Wonder Woman?

He wanted someone in his league!

What does Lex Luther say when Wonder Woman has lassoed him?

'How did I get roped into this?!'

Why does Wonder Woman love dinner?

She's a supperhero!

What does Wonder Woman use to fix things?

Super glue!

What's the best part of a Wonder Woman joke?

The PUNCH line!