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20 Ankle Jokes That Will Have You Rolling!

These ankle jokes are sure to tickle your funny bone!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  May 24th 2024

If you've ever hurt your ankle, you'll know it's no laughing matter. Luckily, these ankle-themed puns and jokes are! Brace yourself - you might not be able to stand for laughter! And stick around for some of our other hilarious body-part jokes! Try some ear jokes! Or some eyebrow jokes! Or maybe you'd prefer leg jokes?

How does the beer brewer go to work when his ankle is broken?

He hops!

What happened when Harrison Ford broke his ankle?

There was a new Indiana Jones cast!

What’s an ankle’s favourite Underground stop?

Marble Arch!

What do you call it when Kevin Bacon twists his ankle?


What did the doctor say when the patient broke their ankle?

“You’ll be feeling swell soon!”

Did you hear about the man who twisted his ankle 360 degrees?

What an amazing feet!

What did the dad say when his son broke his ankle?

“Shin up, it’ll heel!”

Why did the ankle lose his court case?

He didn’t have a leg to stand on!

Why are ankles so good at their job?

They take everything in stride!

TripAdvisor is USELESS…

No advice on what to do about my twisted ankle!

How did the ankle feel after the foot was cut off?


Why don’t ankles go to expensive restaurants?

Because they always end up footing the bill!

My doctor told me I’m double-jointed at the ankle, knee and hip. I can’t believe I never knew…

I could kick myself!

Why should your ankle be your number one hero?

It’s a real leg-end!

I sprained my left ankle today…

Hopefully I’ll start tomorrow on the right foot!

I tripped over a box of hankies this morning and I thought I broke my ankle…

Luckily it was just soft tissue damage!

Sometimes I like to grab my ankles and lean forward…

That's just how I roll!

Why did the ankle break up with the foot?

It needed space to heel!

What is a broken ankle’s favourite musical instrument?

A cast-anet!

What is an ankle’s least favourite movie?