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How To Look For The Positive Quiz!

How do you tackle awkward situations at school? Can you see the positives in almost anything? Take this quiz and find out!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  June 27th 2022

It's time to go back to school. If the idea of putting your uniform back on and heading through the school gates makes you feel a little anxious, don't worry.

Take this quiz to see how positively you approach new situations!

1/12 An alarm clock

Your alarm clock didn't go off and you're late for school! What do you do?

2/12 A shy person

You're new in class. How do you get over any nerves you might have?

3/12 A dog chomping through your homework

Everyone has used the 'dog ate my homework' excuse – but it has really happened. What do you do?

4/12 A delicious school lunch

At lunch time, your usual table pals are away for some reason. What do you do?

5/12 A ballpoint pen rests on a sheet of lined paper

You've been given some really hard work to do in class. How do you tackle this?

6/12 A frog in a school playground

You're feeling a bit lonely in the school yard. How do you cope?

7/12 A teacher points at a student

The teacher points in your direction, so you answer the question – but he wasn't talking to you! How do you react while people are giggling?

8/12 A person reading aloud with a megaphone

You've been chosen read out something in class - but this makes feel very awkward. How do you get over it?

9/12 An elephant falling over
@CuriosityStream | Giphy

You have to go to the front of the class and get something, but you trip over. How do you react?

10/12 A football player wearing odd socks

You're about to play football in P.E. and you realise you're wearing odd socks. Some of your class thinks this is hilarious. How do you respond?

11/12 A woman enjoying some music

You have to sing as part of an assembly choir, but you don't like your voice. How do you make it pleasant for everyone else?

12/12 A student taking an exam

You've got an exam and you don't feel totally prepared for it. What do you do?

You can do this


Your answers show that you tend to panic a bit in awkward situations, but nothing is ever that bad. Try and take things in a good spirit and you'll overcome any challenge, big or small.

Don't panic


Starting at a new school or simply going back to your own school can often feel overwhelming. Take some deep breaths, try to see the positives in situations and you'll feel more confident!

Nothing is a problem


Even if certain situations at school make you a little anxious, you approach them with a positive spirit!

You have a positive attitude


You adapt to any new situation with a degree of confidence and can see the positives in everything!