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What's your squad style? We've created this special quiz to determine what your friend group will be like!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  September 9th 2021

What's Your Back To School Squad Style?

It's time to go back to school and time to find out exactly what kind of style your squad has! Are you going to be part of a group of superheroes, or are you more bookish types? Find out with this awesome quiz!

1/13 Group of friends

How many people are in your squad?

2/13 Three girls watching  a movie with derpy panda

What's the one thing you all bond over?

3/13 Girl looking upset with stack of books on white background with yelllow splats

Pick something your squad all hates

4/13 Smiling boy on football field with goofy football and referee cheetah

Where in school is your squad most likely to be found hanging out?

5/13 People playing laser tag with screaming pineapple

What's your ideal weekend activity as a group?

6/13 Nerdy looking girl with stack of books on yellow background and arrow

What's your position in your squad?

7/13 Girl with loud speaker on pink background with question marks

Do you have a leader?

8/13 Beano Disney villains on space background

Pick a fictional nemesis

9/13 Toy Story 3 Still
Toy Story 3 | Walt Disney Pictures | Darla K. Anderson | Lee Unkrich

Pick a Toy Story character

10/13 Sporty looking group with thumbs up and paw

What's your squad's style like?

11/13 hands reaching for pizza with goofy face

Pick a place to eat as a squad

12/13 Two female friends bumping fists on white background with splat hearts

What's the most important thing to your squad?

13/13 Scooby Doo film still
Scooby Doo | Warner Bros. Pictures | Charles Roven, Richard Suckle | Raja Gosnell

Pick a Scooby Doo character

Hogwarts Result

Harry, Ron and Hermione!

Your the classic magic squad! You might not all have brains, wit and bravery, but together you have all three and you're unstoppable! You'd die for your friends (Sometimes nearly literally) and you always help each other out of a tight spot!

Avengers Result

The Avengers!

You're squad is the Avengers! At first it might not make sense why you're a team - you're all really different people! But you all care about friendship and saving the planet, and that's what binds you together!

The AV Club Result
Stranger Things | 21 Laps Entertainment, Monkey Massacre| Netflix

The D&D gang from Stranger Things!

You're The Stranger Things AV club! You might seem a bit nerdy to some, but you don't care, you love all things fantasy and gaming! You'd rather spend your weekends planning campaigns than in the skate park, and luckily those skills are good for other things too! (Like defeating monsters from other dimensions!)

Teen Titans result
Teen Titans | Warner Bros. Animation | Cartoon Network

The Teen Titans!

You're the Teen Titans! You're all unique and bring something totally different to your gang, and together you're unstoppable! Sometimes you can feel like a bit of an outsider, but your squad know that your differences are what make you special!