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The 20 Best Badminton Jokes on the 'Net!

Step onto the court of chuckles as we serve up some badminton-based hilarity!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  November 17th 2022

We love a bit of badminton – it's like tennis, but with more feathers – and have rounded up some of the finest jokes for your daily fix of sports-based funnies.

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Which sports do ghosts love playing?


Why do badminton players never change light bulbs?

They always refuse to admit they went out in the first place!

Where to film stars play badminton?


What do you call a girl standing in the middle of a badminton court?


What is a sheep's favourite sport?


A sheep on a badminton court

Why was the fish terrible at badminton?

They kept getting caught in the net!

Which sport is always getting into trouble?


Funny jokes
Funny jokes

Why should you never marry a badminton player?

Because love means nothing to them!

Why did the badminton player keep losing games?

Their racquet was full of holes!

I told my friend a badminton joke...

But they didn't get the shuttle humour!

Why was the skeleton standing alone at the badminton court?

They had no body to go with!

Skeleton at a badminton court
Skeleton jokes thumbnail

Why was Cinderella such a bad badminton player?

Her coach was a pumpkin!

What did the burrito say during the game of badminton?

Let's wrap this up!

Why can’t you play badminton in the jungle?

Because there are too many cheetahs!

A cheetah on a badminton court

I think my dad makes badminton equipment for tall people...

I can hear him making a giant racquet!

What do you call a an awesome game of badminton?


Why did the cat get distracted during a game of badminton?

They were spending too much time on the net!

A cat looking at a computer

What is Bruce Wayne's favourite sport?


My dog Minton ate a shuttlecock!

Bad Minton!

Two golden retrievers

What did the shuttlecock say when it was trying to sleep?

Who's making all the racquet?