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Check out how to make these amazing toys and games!

Try a crazy colour kaleidoscope

You will need - foil, ruler, tape, cardboard, tube, skewer, paper, beads, scissors
You'll also need decorations
Cut the end off the snack tube
Measure the length of the tube and mark the cardboard
Make a rectangle on the cardboard
Cover the rectangle with foil using sticky tape to secure the edges
Curl up the cardboard and slide it into the tube
Draw a circle on a sheet of paper and then cut it out
Decorate the circle however you like
Tape a wooden skewer to the side of the tube
Wrap a sheet of paper around the tube and tape it to hold it in place
Attach the beads
Take a look and see. How crazy are your colours?

Peep through a periscope

Take peek at this tutorial!

You will need - cardboard, mirrors, scissors, tape, pen
Draw out 4 lanes on your cardboard sheet
Using your mirror as a measurement, draw a triangle, square, and triangle along the bottom of the cardboard. Draw a second square in the final right lane.
Draw lines inside the triangle section, this area will be covered by a mirror
Rotate your cardboard and draw the same shapes, in a slightly different order (Square, triangle, square, triangle)
You need to make cardboard mounts to put your mirrors at the correct angles
You need to make cardboard mounts to put your mirrors at the correct angles
Once you cut the strips up, they should look like this
Tape and attach your mirrors
Then attach them to the cardboard
Fold up your cardboard to make a square tube
Tape it up, and you should have a fully functioning periscope!
Go get 'scoping!

Build a brilliant bouncy ball

Take a look at the original video here

You will need - balloons, water, scissors
Attach a balloon to a water bottle (or a you can use a tap) and fill it up with water
Tie the balloon in a knot. The balloon might be wet and slippery, so make sure you don't drop it!
Cut the end off the balloon - but make sure you leave the knot in place
Squeeze the water-filled balloon into the new balloon
Cut the end off a new balloon, and squeeze the balloon in again
You can continue layering more balloons to make it stronger and bouncier
Cut the end off a new balloon and squeeze the balloon in again
For the final balloon, don't cut off the end

Craft some wicked window clings

Take a look at these instructions

You will need - food colouring, dish soap, glue, polypocket
Add some dish soap and food colouring to the glue bottle, and shake it to mix it up
Use a template to draw over or make your own, and put it in a polypocket
Squeeze the coloured glue over the template or apply it using a paintbrush
Let them dry overnight and then carefully peel them off. You can also carefully trim them.
Stick them on a window or a mirror and start pulling funny faces!

Build some bonkers bowling pins

Follow these easy step

You will need - bottles, paper, scissors, tape, decorations
Fold each piece of paper in half, and cut down the middle, so that you get six long strips of coloured paper
Get your art supplies and start decorating them
Wrap the label around, and tape it at the back
Go knock ‘em down!

Superb skee-ball

Build it according to these superb specs!

You will need - Cardboard, scissors, decorations, tape, ball
Cut holes in the top half of a sheet of cardboard, and fold and tape the flaps to create guard rails
Cut a new sheet of cardboard into 2 large triangles, and cut along the straight dotted line, to create two pieces
Fold all the tabs in, and tape them together, to create a support for the main board
Attach the supports to the bottom of the board, using plenty of tape.
Add the ball return between the supports. It should start to look like this.
Get those decorations ready, and draw on your Skee-Ball board!
Ready to play?

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