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Beano Makes… Cool Stuff!

Check out how to make these amazing toys and games!

Beano Video Team
Last Updated:  June 1st 2017

Try a crazy colour kaleidoscope

Check out the step-by-step instructions

  • You will need - foil, ruler, tape, cardboard, tube, skewer, paper, beads, scissors
  • You'll also need decorations
  • Cut the end off the snack tube
  • Measure the length of the tube and mark the cardboard
  • Make a rectangle on the cardboard
  • Cover the rectangle with foil using sticky tape to secure the edges
  • Curl up the cardboard and slide it into the tube
  • Draw a circle on a sheet of paper and then cut it out
  • Decorate the circle however you like
  • Tape a wooden skewer to the side of the tube
  • Wrap a sheet of paper around the tube and tape it to hold it in place
  • Attach the beads
  • Take a look and see. How crazy are your colours?

Peep through a periscope

Take peek at this tutorial!

  • You will need - cardboard, mirrors, scissors, tape, pen
  • Draw out 4 lanes on your cardboard sheet
  • Using your mirror as a measurement, draw a triangle, square, and triangle along the bottom of the cardboard. Draw a second square in the final right lane.
  • Draw lines inside the triangle section, this area will be covered by a mirror
  • Rotate your cardboard and draw the same shapes, in a slightly different order (Square, triangle, square, triangle)
  • You need to make cardboard mounts to put your mirrors at the correct angles
  • You need to make cardboard mounts to put your mirrors at the correct angles
  • Once you cut the strips up, they should look like this
  • Tape and attach your mirrors
  • Then attach them to the cardboard
  • Fold up your cardboard to make a square tube
  • Tape it up, and you should have a fully functioning periscope!
  • Go get 'scoping!

Build a brilliant bouncy ball

Take a look at the original video here

  • You will need - balloons, water, scissors
  • Attach a balloon to a water bottle (or a you can use a tap) and fill it up with water
  • Tie the balloon in a knot. The balloon might be wet and slippery, so make sure you don't drop it!
  • Cut the end off the balloon - but make sure you leave the knot in place
  • Squeeze the water-filled balloon into the new balloon
  • Cut the end off a new balloon, and squeeze the balloon in again
  • You can continue layering more balloons to make it stronger and bouncier
  • Cut the end off a new balloon and squeeze the balloon in again
  • For the final balloon, don't cut off the end

Craft some wicked window clings

Take a look at these instructions

  • You will need - food colouring, dish soap, glue, polypocket
  • Add some dish soap and food colouring to the glue bottle, and shake it to mix it up
  • Use a template to draw over or make your own, and put it in a polypocket
  • Squeeze the coloured glue over the template or apply it using a paintbrush
  • Let them dry overnight and then carefully peel them off. You can also carefully trim them.
  • Stick them on a window or a mirror and start pulling funny faces!

Build some bonkers bowling pins

Follow these easy step

  • You will need - bottles, paper, scissors, tape, decorations
  • Fold each piece of paper in half, and cut down the middle, so that you get six long strips of coloured paper
  • Get your art supplies and start decorating them
  • Wrap the label around, and tape it at the back
  • Go knock ‘em down!

Superb skee-ball

Build it according to these superb specs!

  • You will need - Cardboard, scissors, decorations, tape, ball
  • Cut holes in the top half of a sheet of cardboard, and fold and tape the flaps to create guard rails
  • Cut a new sheet of cardboard into 2 large triangles, and cut along the straight dotted line, to create two pieces
  • Fold all the tabs in, and tape them together, to create a support for the main board
  • Attach the supports to the bottom of the board, using plenty of tape.
  • Add the ball return between the supports. It should start to look like this.
  • Get those decorations ready, and draw on your Skee-Ball board!
  • Ready to play?