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Beano Makes… Things That Move!

Find out how to make a Paper Rocket, Balloon Hovercraft, Rubber Band Boat and a Hoop Glider!

Beano Video Team
Last Updated:  May 11th 2017

Create a crazy hovercraft

This balloon powered contraption can slide over almost anything. Find the instructions here

  • You will need - balloon, sports cap, sticky tack, a blank CD/DVD
  • Attach the balloon to the top of the sports cap
  • Wrap sticky tack around the bottom of the sports cap
  • Press to attach to the CD
  • Inflate the balloon by blowing through the hole in the CD. Close the sports cap to keep the air in!
  • Click the cap off to let it go!

Fly a Super-sly glider

Get going with your own paper hoop glider. Go on over to the instructions page here.

  • You will need - paper, sticky tape, straw, scissors
  • Fold and trim the paper
  • Fold into 3 equal strips
  • Cut them out
  • Make a hoop and tape it shut
  • Tape the two strips and make another hoop
  • Trim the straw with scissors
  • Attach inside both hoops
  • And throw!

Make a Radical Rubber Band Boat

Perfect for playing out at the park pond, or wherever else floats your boat! Check this out here

  • You will need - a plastic tub, 2 rulers, sticky tape, rubber bands, paper clips
  • Attach the ruler with tape
  • Tie a rubber band around a clip and poke it through
  • Repeat on the opposite ruler
  • Cut the ends off 2 spoons
  • Tape them together
  • Slip them between the bands and secure it

Launch the Perfect Paper Rocket

...Well, almost perfect. Become a rocket scientist and get your ideas off the ground here

  • You will need - a straw, pen, sticky tape, scissors, paper, bottle lid
  •  Cut a square the length of the straw
  • Roll the paper square around the straw
  • Tape the paper roll
  • Cut out a circle from the paper and remove a triangle
  • Fold the circle into a cone shape
  • Cut out two triangles to make the wings of the rocket
  • Tape the wings and the nose cone to the body and add some decorations or logos with your pen!
  • Let it go!