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Take a Sneak Peek Inside Our New Bash Street Kids Book!

If you love the Bash Street Kids, then you'll love this new book from Beano!

Beano Team
Last Updated:  May 1st 2024
Beano presents: The Bash Street Kids Book

The Bash Street Kids are the class every teacher dreads… and it’s just got worse for the long-suffering teacher of Class 2B!

Danny, Toots, Plug and the team are joined by three new pupils – Mahira, Stevie and Khadija – who are just as fun-loving and rebellious as they are, and together they’re going to give Teacher a lesson in maximum mayhem!

This first volume of Bash Street Kids comics collects together 68 pages of hilarious classroom chaos, illustrated by legendary artist David Sutherland, and is priced at £6.99!

If you're in the mood for some lessons in laughter from the kids of Class 2B, visit the Beano shop or any good book store!