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20 Bingo Jokes For A Full House of Laughter!

These bingo jokes will have you CALLING for more! Check out the 20 funniest bingo jokes we've assembled and see if you get a full house!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  May 6th 2024

We've put together 20 of the very funniest jokes all about the game bingo! Have a look and see which ones make you laugh the most! And if you liked this, check out more silly jokes right here! How about some chuckle-worthy Chicken Jokes? Or what about these terrible Toilet Puns? And we know you'll LOVE these groan-worthy Dad Jokes! Don't forget, we've got hundreds more laughs on our main jokes hub!

I love bingo

It's my true number calling

Why do people always park in the bingo hall?

There's always a free space!

Which bird likes games the most?

The fla-bingo!

Which vampire loves bingo?

The count!

What do you call a busy bingo hall?

A full house!

Why was the pencil so good at bingo?

It always drew the right numbers!

Who plays bingo and goes to the moon?

A free spaceman!

Why did the vampire play bingo?

To kill time!

How do snowmen play bingo?

They use snowballs!

Which member of the Beatles liked games the most?

Bingo Starr!

How do you know the bingo is about to begin?

Someone says 'ready...set..binGO!'

Why did the skeleton play bingo?

To bone up on his numbers!

Why should you always invite a bingo caller to your dinner parties?

To make up the numbers!

What do you call an old man who just won three games of bingo?


What did one bingo card say to the other?

I've got your number!

Why did the bingo ball blush?

It saw the numbers changing!

Why was B6 afraid of B7?

Because B7, B8, B9!

Why don't spies play bingo?

They don't like being called out!

What's a bingo players favourite dance move?


How do you cause a riot in an old people's home?

Shout 'bingo!' and run away!