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The Ultimate Cameron Dallas Quiz

Are you Cameron's biggest fan? Find out with this quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  July 1st 2021

The Ultimate Cameron Dallas Quiz

1/10 Cameron Dallas still
Clevvernews | Youtube

When is Cameron's birthday?

2/10 Cameron Dallas still
Cosmo | Youtube

What is Cameron famous for?

3/10 Cameron Dallas still
Mood Magazine | Youtube

What was Cameron's Netflix show called?

4/10 Cameron Dallas still
On The Spot Interviews | Youtube

What platform did Cameron start on?

5/10 Cameron Dallas still
Penshoppe | Youtube

Where was Cameron born?

6/10 Cameron Dallas still
SavySaysTV | Youtube

Which Broadway production was Cameron in in 2020?

7/10 Cameron Dallas still
Cameron Dallas | Youtube

 What is ''Expelled'?

8/10 Cameron Dallas still
Teen Vogue | Youtube

Who is Sierra Dallas?

9/10 Cameron Dallas still
Vanity Fair | Youtube

How tall is Cameron?

10/10 Cameron Dallas still
Nash Grier | Youtube

Which designer label has Cameron modelled for?


Wow, either you're Cameron's biggest fan, or you're Cameron himself! Full marks!


Well done! You know loads about Cameron!


Not bad, but we bet you can do better than that! Have another go and see how much more you can learn about Cameron!


Uh oh, looks like you're not much of a Cameron Dallas fan! Have another go!