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20 Purr-fect Catwoman Jokes!

These one-liners are even funnier than the Joker reading a Christmas cracker joke!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  November 18th 2022

Catwoman is Gotham City's most notorious jewel thief and a source of irritation to Batman! Here's 20 hilariously jokes for all fans of superhero villains!

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What kind of car does Catwoman drive?

A Purr-geot!

What do you call a fake Catwoman?

A copy cat!

What was Catwoman's favourite lesson at school?


Why couldn't Catwoman send an emal?

She lost her mouse!

A cat looking at a computer

Where does Catwoman keep her sticking plasters?

A first aid kit!

Why did Catwoman want to be a drummer?

She was a good purr-cussionist!

What does Catwoman like to eat with a cup of tea?

A bis-cat!

What does Catwoman enjoy most about Christmas?

Santa Claws!

What did Catwoman say to Batman when he offered to make a sandwich?

Got ham?

A sandwich on a wooden floor

How does Catwoman sign her birthday cards?

With love and hisses!

What is Catwoman's favourite day of the week?


Why was Catwoman so annoyed by Batman?

She was in a bad mewd!

What does Catwoman call the police?

Claw enforcement!

What is Catwoman's favourite film?

The Sound of Mew-sic!

What is Catwoman's favourite colour?


What does Catwoman say when things go wrong?

This is a cat-astrophe!

A cat sticking its tongue out

What's Catwoman's favourite drink?


How does Catwoman get want she wants?

She's very purr-suasive!

Catwoman jokes

Why does Catwoman always get the top score on a video game?

Because she has 9 lives!

Why was Catwoman given a fine?

For kitty littering!