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Feel Just Pine With This Christmas Adverts Quiz!

Christmas is the season of good will. It’s also the season of trying to sell people loads of stuff and some brands really go to town. So just for you, we've watched the best Christmas adverts from the last few years. See if you can remember any of these amazingly festive videos!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  November 26th 2021

The countdown to Christmas starts here! Or with this other smashing Christmas Quiz or with these hilarious Christmas jokes!


Who lives under this kids bed?

John Lewis | Dougal Wilson

What has this girl just been told not to do!

John Lewis | Dougal Wilson

What’s this Dad putting up in the garden?


4/10 Which of these animals didn’t get to use the trampoline (during the advert)?

John Lewis | Adam & Eve/DDB

What did this dragon do to a snowman?

John Lewis | Dougal Wilson

What’s this penguins name?

John Lewis | Dougal Wilson

What are the boy and the penguin looking at?

John Lewis | Dougal Wilson

Who lives up here?


What did the dragon bring to the party?

John Lewis | Seb Edwards

Who did this kid grow up to be?

Oh no! You’ve hardly watched any TV! Actually that’s a good thing. Well done!!

Not Bad! You’ve got a decent memory for Christmas advertising!

John Lewis | Adam & Eve/DDB

EXPERT LEVEL TV WATCHER! You must watch A LOT of Christmas TV!