Christmas Carol Jokes

All I want for Christmaaas is... Beano's crazy collection of Christmas carol jokes! They'll be music to you ears!

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Why should you take a ladder carolling?

So you can reach the high notes!

Who was the most famous carolling herb?

Elfis Parsley!

Why were the carollers arrested?

They were in big treble!

Which Christmas carollers are more noticeable on Christmas?

The one’s that have presence!

What do you give to Christmas carollers?

Some har-money!

What do you sing at Santa's birthday party?

Freeze a jolly good fellow!

What does Santa say when he has a hard decision to make?

I'm between a jingle bell rock and a hard place!

What's a parent's favourite Christmas carol?

Silent night!

What was the sheep's favourite Christmas carol?

All I want for Christmas is ewe!

What songs did the elf carollers sing?


What did the Dad say when carollers came to sing?

Christmas be my lucky day!

Which state has the most singers on Christmas eve?

North Carol-ina!

Who gets invited to the most holiday parties?

Christmas Carol!

Why was the Christmas Caroller locked out?

He could never find the keys!

Why are pirates such good Christmas carollers?

They are used to hitting the high C!

What has 40 feet and sings?

Christmas carollers!

Which Christmas carol do dogs like best?

Bark the Herald Angels Sing!

Which Christmas carol is about an animal with three legs?

Little Wonkey!

What is a skunk’s favourite Christmas carol?

Jingle Smells!

What Christmas carol is sung in the desert?

O, Camel Ye Faithful!

What's Tarzan's favourite Christmas carol?

Jungle Bells!

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