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50 Best Christmas Knock Knock Jokes for Kids 2022!

These Christmas Knock Knock Jokes Will Knock You With Laughter!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  November 21st 2022

These Christmas knock knock jokes are sure to ring your jingle bell! So get in the holiday spirit with some classics, including some hilarious Santa knock knock jokes! And there's lots more Christmas jokes here! How about these classic Christmas carol jokes? Or maybe you're in the mood for some elf jokes? And if you're PINING for some Christmas tree jokes, check these out! And as always, there's loads more jokes and puns over on our jokes hub!

Knock, knock! Who's there? Farter. Farter who?

Farter Christmas!

Brussels sprouts

Knock, knock! Who’s there? Ivana. Ivana who?

Ivana see if Santa has been!

Knock, knock! Who’s there? Izzin. Izzin who?

Izzin Christmas fun?

Tooth fairy jokes

Knock, knock! Who’s there? Freeze. Freeze who?

Freeze a jolly good fellow!

Knock, knock! Who’s there? Harry! Harry who?

Harry up and carve the turkey!

Knock, knock! Who’s there? Oakham. Oakham who?

Oakham all ye faithful…

A dog and a man singing in an old library

Knock, knock! Who’s there? Yule. Yule who?

Yule have a piece of Christmas cake!

A stollen cake

Knock, knock! Who’s there? Honda. Honda who?

Honda first day of Christmas my true love sent to me…

Christmas stocking

Knock, knock! Who’s there? Wanda. Wanda who?

Wanda what we’ll get for Christmas!

Knock, knock! Who’s there? Olive. Olive who?

Olive the other reindeer used to laugh and call him names!


Knock, knock! Who’s there? Santa. Santa who?

Santa Christmas card to you. Did you get it?

Knock, knock! Who’s there? Chris. Chris who?

Christmas party!

Knock, knock! Who’s there? Tree! Tree who?

Tree wise men!

Knock, knock! Who’s there? Pudding. Pudding who?

Pudding up my Christmas stocking!

Christmas pudding

Knock, knock! Who’s there? Coal. Coal who?

Coal me when Santa’s been!

Knock, knock! Who's there? Ho Ho. Ho Ho who? 

Your Santa impression needs some practice!

Knock, knock! Who’s there? Deck the. Deck the who?

Deck the halls with boughs of holly!

Knock, knock! Who’s there? Lettuce. Lettuce who?

Lettuce in, it’s freezing!

Knock, knock! Who's there? Wayne. Wayne who?

Wayne in a manger!

Knock, knock! Who’s there? Luke. Luke who?

Luke at that bag of presents!

A bag of Christmas presents

Knock, knock! Who's there? Have. Have who?

Have you left out some milk and cookies?

Knock, knock! Who's there? Icy. Icy who?

Icy you’ve been wrapping your presents!

A man in a suit popping bubble wrap

Knock, knock! Who's there? Ima. Ima who? 

Ima dreaming of a white Christmas!

Knock, knock! Who’s there? Yah. Yah who?

Someone’s excited about Christmas!

Knock, knock. Who’s there? Arthur. Arthur who?

Arthur any gifts for me?

Knock, knock! Who’s there? Tank. Tank who?

Tank you for my gift!

Knock, knock! Who’s there? Doughnut. Doughnut who?

Doughnut open presents until Christmas Day!

Knock, knock! Who’s there? Avery. Avery who?

Avery merry Christmas to you!

Knock, knock! Who’s there? Anita. Anita who?

Anita ride in Santa’s sleigh!

Knock, knock! Who’s there? Howard. Howard who? 

Howard you like to sing some carols with me?

A person singing a Christmas song

Knock Knock. Who's there? Olive. Olive who?

Olive Christmas!

Knock Knock. Who's there? Gladys. Gladys who?

Gladys Christmas!

Knock Knock. Who's there? Mwah! Mwah who?

Give us a kiss, there's mistletoe above the door!

Knock Knock. Who's there? Mary. Mary who?

Mary Christmas!

Knock Knock. Who's there? Yule. Yule who?

Yule be sorry if you don't open this door!

Knock Knock. Who's there? Cole. Cole who?

Cole me when Father Christmas is here!

Knock Knock. Who's there? Interrupting Santa. Interrupting Santa wh-

Ho Ho Ho!

Knock Knock. Who's there? Ava. Ava who?

Ava merry Christmas!

Knock Knock. Who's there? Holly. Holly who?

Holly Berry!

Knock Knock. Who's there? Snow. Snow who?

Snow time to waste, let's get inside, it's freezing!

Knock Knock! Who's there? Harry. Harry who?

Harry up and open your Christmas presents!

Knock Knock! Who's there? Wooden shoe! Wooden shoe who?

Wooden shoe like to know what you're getting for Christmas!

Knock Knock! Who's there? Carol. Carol who?

Christmas Carol!

Knock Knock! Who's there? Irish. Irish who?

Irish you a merry Christmas!

Knock Knock! Who's there? Murray. Murray who?

Murray Christmas!

Knock Knock! Who's there? Dewey. Dewey who?

Dewey know it's Christmas time again?

Knock Knock! Who's there? Santa. Santa who?

Santa Christmas card, did it arrive?

Knock Knock! Who's there? Mary and Abby. Mary and Abby who?

Mary Christmas and Abby new year!

Knock Knock! Who's there? Holly. Holly who?

Holly days are here again!

Knock Knock! Who's there? Anna. Anna who?

Anna partridge in a pear tree!