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Could You Defeat The Evil Veg?

Here's choose-your-own adventure based on the Attack of the Evil Veg boomic! Do you have what it takes to save the day?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  April 28th 2022

In the third instalment in our boomic series, Attack of the Evil Veg sees a gang of unruly vegetables attempt to take over Beanotown after a gardening experiment go wrong! In this choose-your-own-adventure style quiz, you need to make a serious of important decisions in order to save the day! Are you ready? Good luck!

1/20 A family watching lettuce on the TV

You’ve got a free afternoon. How do you spend it?

2/20 A carrot growing out of the soil

You've decided to take up gardening. What do you need?

3/20 A woman munching vegetables

What sort of vegetables will you grow?

4/20 An evil tomato looks at a pair of muddy wellies

You’ve heard there’s a gardening competition in town. What do you do?

5/20 A man with a silly amount of cash

There’s a big prize for the winner of the gardening competition – how would you spend it?

6/20 A woman reacting to the smell of a compost heap

Time to get gardening, then! There’s a big pile of compost next to your patch of soil. What do you do with it?

7/20 A pineapple looking at a swirling clock

You’ve just learned that vegetables take ages to grow. How do you amuse yourself while they grow?

8/20 Dennis and a bubbling science potion
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Professor Von Screwtop has a secret potion to help vegetables grow. You decide to borrow it, just hurry things along. How much do you put on your patch?

9/20 A giant tomato as seen through a bedroom window

The next morning, you’re confronted with a GIANT tomato. How do you react?

10/20 Dennis and a giant tomato

During the day, the giant tomato causes chaos in Beanotown and everyone is blaming you. What do you do next?

11/20 A slug with four noses

It seems that the giant tomato has a gang of similarly-sized vegetables. Choose the best plan...

12/20 A gang of evil Brussels sprouts

You need to defend your gang from the Evil Veg, who are really starting to cause bother. Who do you take on first?

13/20 Salad jokes

You spot the the Evil Veg stealing boxes of salad from the Rocket Man delicatessen. Do you…

14/20 A clapperboard which reads Epic Veg Movie

You feel like history is being made. Which one of your gang do you choose to document the occasion?

15/20 A blueprint for Operation Ratatouille

It’s decided that it’s time to unleash Operation: Ratatouille. You need to give your gang a pep talk. Pick a style…

16/20 A frog in a school playground

You need to lure the Evil Veg somewhere to capture them. Where?

17/20 A hand crumbling a stock cube into a hot tub

You fire up the hot tub. What’s the best temperature to make an Evil Veg soup?The liquid is missing a special ingredient. What do you need to add?

18/20 A helicopter

The Mayor has arrived in his personal helicopter. What do you do next?

19/20 A chef

You need reinforcements. What do you need to help in your fight against the Evil Veg?

20/20 Gnasher and Optimus Pumpkin

Uh-oh. Gnasher needs the loo but there's only Optimus Pumpkin left. You need to make a choice quick! Do you…

Result: Victory

You've defeated the Evil Veg!

After a hard-fought battle against the Evil Veg, the people of Beanotown have you and your gang to thank for keeping everyone safe from any more vegetable-related chaos (even though it was sort of your fault it happened in the first place). Go and relax and leave gardening to the grownups!

Result: that was close

That was close!

After a tough battle against the Evil Veg, you narrowly scraped a win! It's time to have a rest and leave Professor von Screwtop's Super Veg Growth Serum alone!

Result: Draw

A draw!

After a close battle, you and the Evil Veg have accepted that it's a draw. There are no winners, so hopefully that's the end of that!

Result: Lose

You lose!

Oh no! Even though you and your gang tried your best, the Evil Veg have taken over Beanotown! Best go inside and wait until this all blows over!