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Which Evil Veg Character Are You?

Have you read our Attack of the Evil Veg boomic? Find out which character you're most like by taking this quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  April 28th 2022

An army of giant, hungry vegetables have risen up and have taken over Beanotown in Attack of the Evil Veg, the latest Beano boomic! Which character do you think you're most similar to? Optimus Pumpkin, the leader who's up to no gourd? Or Commander Carrot, his orange sidekick? What about Minnie the Minx or budding social media icon, Stevie Star? There's only one thing to do? That's take the test and find out in time it takes to heat a bowl of vegetable soup!

1/10 A teacher in a classroom, with a giant tomato at the window

Which word would your teacher use to describe you?

2/10 A delicious school lunch

Pick something for lunch!

3/10 A kitten paws at a piece of bacon, which has a moustache

What's your favourite animal?

4/10 A man and a sandwich playing a video game

You have a day off from school and can do whatever you like. Pick an activity!

5/10 Footballer and carrot doing a sliding tackle

Which sport do you enjoy playing?

6/10 A man in some sort of haunted library

What are you most afraid of?

7/10 A superhero eating cereal among some peckish cats

Pick a superhero!

8/10 A pumpkin farting in a bed

What are you like first thing in the morning?

9/10 A slice of apple pie

What kind of dessert would you like?

10/10 A woman enjoying some music

What's the worst noise you can think of?

Result: Optimus Pumpkin

You are: Optimus Pumpkin!

You're the fearless and bossy leader of the evil vegetable pack, Optimus Pumpkin. He's always up to no gourd!

Minnie the Minx

You are: Minnie the Minx!

You're brave and loyal, just like Beanotown's very own Minnie the Minx. You'd be a great person to have onside when there's a gang of vegetables intent on taking over your town!

Result: Commander Carrot

You are: Commander Carrot!

Just like Optimus Pumpkin, Commander Carrot has one goal – to help the evil veg take over Beanotown. What would you do if you saw a giant rabbit? Run, probably!

Stevie Star

You are: Stevie Star!

You're one of Beanotown's newest residents and have an eye for creating amazing content! As you join the Beanotown gang to help stop the evil veg in their tracks, you could document it all an get at least a million likes!