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20 DANGEROUS Danger Force Jokes!

Get your capes, masks and gloves - we're heading to Swellville for these rib-tickling Danger Force jokes!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  February 5th 2024

Are you loving Danger Force? Then these super-heroic jokes are tailor made for you! While away the time until the next season with some rib-tickling jokes about the toughest super hero team in all of Swellville! Sonic laughs guaranteed! And if you love to laugh, we've got so many more jokes waiting for you! Have some turtle-ly awesome Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle jokes, or maybe some chop-tastic Kung Fu Panda jokes!

What does Bose eat cereal from?

A super bowl!

What is Mika’s favourite dessert?

Ice scream!

Why isn’t there a Danger Force member who can turn invisible?

They’d be too hard to find!

What is Captain Man’s favourite part of the joke?

The punch line!

What is Chapa’s favourite part of catching a criminal?

Charging them!

What does a member of the Danger Force put in their drink?

Just ice!

What would Chapa’s supherhero name be in the Marvel universe?

De Silva Surfer!

What happened to Swellville when Danger Force couldn’t stop a villain from bombing the sewage plant?

It became Smellville!

What is Miles’ favourite kind of nut?


What car does Chapa want to own one day?

A Volts-wagen!

What would you call a new Danger Force member who can make delicious broth out of nothing?


Why does Miles love blueberries?

Because they’re a super food!

Why is Bose always so emotional?

His power is very moving!

What is Chapa’s favourite dance?

The Electric Slide!

Why should you always shop with the Danger Force?

They’re great at saving!

Why do the Danger Force always save the day?

Because they're cape-able!

What is Mika’s favourite band?

Primal Scream!

Which Danger Force member spent too long in the sun?

Cap-Tan Man!

What is Chapa’s favourite ice-cream flavour?


If they didn’t live in Swellville, where would the Danger Force live?