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20 Erin & Aaron Jokes

Looking for some musical mirth? Have a giggle at these top 20 jokes all about Nickelodeon's funniest family!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  January 31st 2024

The brother plays piano and the sister plays guitar - but family life isn't always so harmonious! If you're a fan of this hilarious Nickelodeon show then you'll be sure to have a chuckle at these 20 Erin and Aaron jokes and puns! Read on to find out what Aaron takes with him when he goes shopping, or even how you can tell when Erin is worried!

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Why is Erin sick of being in a folk band with Aaron?

She doesn't want to be 2nd fiddle!

Why did Aaron get arrested?

He got in some big treble!

Erin likes to take the stairs and Aaron prefers the escalator

They were raised differently!

Did you hear Erin and Aaron robbed a music store?

They left with the lute!

Aaron spends 75% of his time playing football, 25% of his time playing piano

He’s a quarterbach!

Aaron was bragging about being a baker

But Erin doesn’t have anything to prove!

Erin and Aaron laugh at how competitive they are

But Aaron laughs more!

What did the guitar say to Erin?

Pick on someone your own size!

Erin and Aaron have another sibling who’s made of soup

He’s their broth-er!

Aaron’s mum told him to stop singing the YMCA

She said “young man!”

Why did Aaron eat his homework?

Erin told him it was a piece of cake!

Aaron just threw milk at Erin

How dairy!

Erin and Aaron both went to prison

They finish each others sentences!

What does Aaron take with him when he buys groceries?

A Chopin Liszt!

Erin got a PS5 for her brother

Best trade ever!

Aaron has broken out in spots

They’re his cyst-ers!

What would Aaron call them if Erin had a daughter that lives in Alaska?


Why does Aaron need a lot of knives?

Because he does so much Chopin!

What do you say when you hear Erin has joined the Police?

She Riff!

How can you tell when Erin is worried?

She frets a lot!