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20 Flamingo Jokes to Tickle You Pink

These funny flamingo jokes haven't got a leg to stand on!

Last Updated:  October 11th 2021
First Published:  November 8th 2020

These funny flamingo jokes will tickle you pink! If you think these were hilarious, check out our parrot jokes for more feathered funnies! We've also got penguin jokes for those of you who like your bird jokes a bit more chilly, and loads more bird jokes here!

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How do you know if a flamingo has borrowed your shoes?

Cry laughing slice of pizza

Only one is missing!

What do you call a fancy flamingo?

A glamingo!

What's a spooky flamingo called?

A flamingooooooo

What do you call a flamingo that isn't there?


How can you tell if a flamingo is hiding in a funfair?

The candyfloss tastes weird!

Which member of The Beatles was pink?

Flamingo Star!

What do you call a pink bird who is excellent at Spanish dancing?

A pink flamingo

A flamingo dancer!

What's a flamingo's favourite game?


Who is a flamingo's favourite pop star?


What do you give a sick flamingo?


What do you get if you cross a cake and a bird?

A FLAN-ingo!

Where do flamingos go to dance?

A pink flamingo

The hop!

How do you know if a flamingo is blushing?

You don't!

What stands on one leg on fire?

A FLAMEingo!

What happened when the flamingo was happy?

He was in the pink!

How do you know if a flamingo is sad?

It goes blue!

What's a flamingo's favourite game?


Why do flamingos sleep with one leg pulled up?

If they pulled up both legs, they would fall down!

What do you call a flamingo at a red light?


What happened to the guy who stopped pretending to be a flamingo?

He had to put his foot down!