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5 Funny Fart Pranks: A How To Guide!

If you fancy causing a bit of windy mischief, you need to read our guide to the 5 best pongy pranks!

Beano Team
Last Updated:ย  May 17th 2022

In case you haven't noticed, we're big on bottom bumps here at Beano.

In fact, we think they're so funny, we've made our very own Fart Machine! Check it out here!

But while a Fart Machine is pretty funny in it's own right, it can also be used for something better... for pranking!

So if you fancy causing a bit of windy mischief, you need to read our guide to the 5 best pongy pranks.

1. Stay off school!

It's the top tip for pong pranksters - and who wants to spend the morning doing maths anyway? So when dad wakes you up for school, sneakily slip the Fart Machine under the covers and pretend you've got a stomach bug by blowing off a guff or two!ย 

2. Get out of eating aunty's lumpy custard!

Every time our aunty comes to stay, she always cooks up a big pan of her famously lumpy custard. Eugh, gross! But next time she tries to feed you the foul-tasting pudding, have a spoonful before running to the toilet and playing the Fart Machine from behind the door! Everyone will think aunty's custard gives you wind!

3. Steal choccy cake, blame your brother using fart sounds!

You know when dad's made a great cake and you're not allowed to eat it? Well, know you can! Snaffle yourself a couple of slices but don't forget to leave a trail of crumbs leading to your brother's bedroom. Then, when dad comes up to tell him off, play a few sneaky fart sounds and he'll think he's got a tummy full of choccy cake!

4. When your mate's playing a tough bit on Fortnite!

Everyone has a friend who takes gaming too seriously, so next time your pals making a big deal of their Fortnite creds, you can use the Fart Machine to put them off their stride. And hey, you could even invent a farty Fortnite dance to do when you reign supreme - just make sure you keep your pants clean!

5. When your sister is recording their vlog!

You know what it's like when all you want to do is chill out but your sis won't stop filming her Sims video for YouTube? Well, now you can finally put an end to all that noise by throwing in a few funny fart sounds when she presses record. Who wants to watch a video full of bottom-burps? No-one, that's who!