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25 Funny Fish and Chip Jokes for Kids

Feeling hungy for laughs? Grab salmon of these fry-larious fish and chip jokes and puns!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  August 17th 2023

Do you want salt and vinegar on those belly laughs? Check out this ultimate list of deliciously funny fish and chip jokes that'll keep you full of laughter for hours!

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Ok, where were we... that's right! Fish and chip gags!

Customer: Are you sure this fish is cooked? Shopkeeper: Yes, why?

Customer: Because it’s eaten all the chips!

What country does battered fish come from?


What do you call a chip shop with no fish in?


Why do crisps have so much less potato in than chips these days?


I like both kinds of British cuisine...

Fish AND chips!

Two priests decided to open a Fish and Chip shop...

One was a Fish Friar, the other was a Chip Monk!

An emperor racoon and a pile of chips

The fish and chip shop near me has gone into liquidation

The owner is stuck between a rock and a hard plaice!

Why is chip shop scampi always served in such small portions?

They’re a bit shellfish!

What do you call a male sheep that works in a fish and chips shop?

A battering ram!

So many people wanted seasoning

That the chip shop queue ground to a salt!

Doctor, Doctor! I think I need glasses!

You certainly do! This is a fish and chip shop!

Did you hear about the fight in the fish and chip shop?

A fish got battered!

What is your fish and chips wrapped in?

Hake news!

What prays, eats potatoes and has long teeth?

A chip munk!

A Man Walks into an Opticians...

And orders fish and chips!

What sort of business is a chippie?

Sole traders!

What do they say in the chippie at the end of the week?

'Thank cod it's fry-day!'

Why should you always go to the Fish and Chip shop with your mates?

It's good to have friend-chip goals!

Why do I go to the fish and chip shop?

Just for the halibut!

Did you hear about the Pixar remake set in a fish and chip shop?

It's called Frying Nemo!

What do you call someone who lives in a monastery and makes fish and chips?

A fish friar!

I'm a bit suspicious of this new chip shop...

There's something fishy about it!

I had an ok fish and chips last night...

It could have been batter

How do you say good bye in a fish and chip shop?


Did you hear about the fight in the fish and chip shop?

Some chips got a-salt-ted!