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10 Supermarket Jokes for Kids that are a Lidl Bit Funny

These supermarket jokes will have you rolling in the aisles! Check them out and have a laugh!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:ย  December 6th 2022

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Why should you go to the supermarket if you're looking for love?

You can always find a date there!

A stack of toilet paper just fell on me in the supermarket!

Don't worry, it was just soft tissue damage!

I got a job in the supermarket bakery...

I work naan to five!

I'm always very organised when I go to the supermarket...

I always put my eggs in one basket!

Some alphabet spaghetti was knocked all over the supermarket floor...

It could have spelled disaster!

You can pick up dead batteries for no cost at supermarkets...

They're free of charge!

Why did Gandalf got to the shops?

He wanted to find the One Ring to rule the mall!

I knocked over some vegetables in the supermarket the other day

I should really mind my peas and cue-cumbers!

I was trying to decide which pasta to buy...

Then the penne dropped!

I was trying to find some bananas in the supermarket today...

My efforts were fruit aisle!